Google has really upped the pace of feature releases on Analytics and Tag Manager in 2014, and we’re betting you may have missed some of the extra functionality that’s been added.

In the last 3 months alone we’ve counted 11 major new features. How many have you tried out?

Official iPhone app. Monitor your Google Analytics on the go.

Set up brand keywords. Separate out branded from non-brand search in reports.

Enhanced Ecommerce reporting. Show ecommerce conversion funnels when you tag product and checkout pages.

Page Analytics Chrome plugin. Get analytics for a particular page, to replace old in-page analytics. However, it doesn’t work if you are signed into multiple Google Accounts.

Notifications about property setup. Troubleshoot common problems like domain mis-matches.

Embeded Reports API. So you can build custom dashboards outside of GA quickly.

Share tools across GA accounts. Now you can share filters, channel groupings, annotations etc easily between views and properties

Tag Assistant Chrome plugin. Easily spot common setup problems on your pages using the Tag Assistant.

Built-in user tracking. See our customer tracking guide for the pros and cons.

Import historic campaign cost and CRM data (premium only). Previously, imported data would only show up for events added after the data import. Now you can enter a ‘Query Time’ to apply to past events, but only for Premium users.

Get unsampled API data (Premium only – developers). Export all your historic data without restrictions

Better Management API (for developers). Set up filters, Adwords links and user access programmatically across many accounts. Useful for large companies or agencies with hundreds of web properties.