What are Enhanced Ecommerce reports?

Enhanced ecommerce reports

In May 2014 Google Analytics introduced a new feature: Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. If you run an ecommerce operation, this gets you much more detailed feedback on your checkout process.

What will I see?

  • Shopping behaviour: how are people converting from browsers to purchasers?
    Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.47.11
  • Checkout behaviour: at what stage of your checkout do buyers abandon the process
  • Product performance: which products are driving your sales, and which have a high return rate
    product performance
  • Real campaign returns: see your real return on marketing investment including promotional discounts and returns

How do I set this up?

The bad news is it definitely requires an experienced software developer for the setup. The reports require lots of extra product and customer information to be sent to Google Analytics.

You can read the full developer information on what you can track, or our own simpler guide for tracking ecommerce via Tag Manager.

However, if you already have standard ecommerce tracking and Google Tag Manager, we can set Enhanced reports up in a couple of days with no code changes on your live site – so no business disruption or risk of lost sales.

Is it worth implementing?

Imagine you could identify a drop-off stage in your checkout process where you could get a 10% improvement in sales conversion or a group of customers who were unable to buy (maybe due to language or browser difficulties) – what would that be worth? Many businesses have that kind of barrier just waiting to be discovered…


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