With the How to improve your landing pages using Google Analytics blog post, I wanted to help answer the question, why users are clicking a call-to-action but are not converting? Now I will give you some basic tips on how to improve your landing pages, overall.

Do what you say and say what you do

Do what you say and say what you do

There is nothing more frustrating for a client than to hope for honey and receive salt. Donʼt promise one thing and then deliver something else .. or even worse nothing at all (a 404 page). For example, if you are giving away an ebook, and your CTA says “Get your free ebook”, donʼt provide a PayPal form on the next screen asking for $2.95 for the product you said would be free, or merely say “thanks for registering” without a link to the product you are offering. Yes, you will have gained a lead, but the customer is now worthless and will tell others about your unfair tactics.

In order to get the answer to “Why don’t they convert” check this checklist:

  1. Do you respect the above?
    If not this is your biggest business issue.
  2. Do you track how many clicks your call-to-action have?
    If not, see the previous blog post about tracking CTAs
  3. What is your conversion rate?
    Depending on your business model, a conversion rate of 5% to 20% is be normal. (Calculate users that finished the call-to-action divided by users that clicked the call-to-action button.)

With these answers, you can figure out what your problem is. This will either be that the users are not clicking or the users are not converting.

If the users are not converting you can:

  1. A/B test the layout of next page after they click the call-to-action button
  2. A/B test the text of the next page after they click the call-to-action button
  3. Provide online support on that page offering customers the option to ask direct questions
  4. Create a survey for the segment of users that clicked the call-to-action but didn’t convert to find out why they didn’t

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