Fix Google Analytics is a Shopify app that gives you 100% accurate tracking and attribution for your Shopify sales. If you want to uninstall the app, you will no longer get the full Enhanced Ecommerce reporting, but you must take further steps to re-enable the original tracking.

1. In Shopify admin -> Apps -> click the Trash Can next to the app

remove an app from shopifyThis first step will only stop the transactions from being sent to the Google Analytics property. This means that if you click the trash can, you will no longer receive any transaction information in your Google Analytics account (under Conversions -> Sales Performance), even though the sessions and page views are still working.


2. Remove the Littledata script from your page template

(Only relevant if you installed the app after 26th of March 2017)

Click Online Store ->Themes -> Edit HTML/CSS

Remove the page view script

In this new window, under the Layout folder, for each ‘theme’ file you need to find this line of code: “{% include ‘LittledataLayer’ %}” and then delete it. This will stop Littledata sending page views to Google Analytics.

remove a script for theem liquid Shopify

3. Add back in the standard Shopify tracking

Go in Shopify Admin -> Preferences -> Google Analytics section and type or paste in the Google Analytics web property.

Add back the UA code

Your original Google Analytics web property ID starts with UA- and can be found in Google Analytics first screen where you choose your account.

Get your Google Analytics code from Google Analytics interface

4. Remove the Littledata test Google Analytics property

Only applies if you clicked ‘FIX’ after installing the app

Go to you Google Analytics account, and click the Admin cog on the bottom left. Find the (Littledata) web property in the middle list.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 21.26.35

Then under Property settings -> Move to Trash Can is in the top right of the settings.Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 21.22.46


By completing these steps, you will have successfully uninstalled the app.

Warning: If you are seeing double counting of pageviews in Google Analytics, or your bounce rate has dropped significantly, then that is a sign you have completed step 3 but not step 2.

Regardless of the reason behind you uninstalling the app, we would love to hear about it. Just drop us a line at  This feedback helps us provide the best possible experience to other stores.


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