Recharge integration for subscription analytics

littledata recharge tracking

We’re excited to announce that Littledata’s Shopify app now integrates seamlessly with Recharge!

The integration makes it easy to get an accurate data stream about your Recharge subscriptions in Google Analytics.

Tip: Get accurate tracking for repeat orders with the ultimate Shopify Recharge guide.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is the most popular recurring billing solution for Shopify stores. It lets you easily sell subscriptions on a Shopify store.

ReCharge has a robust feature set for stores selling physical products on subscription, allowing for single product, mixed cart & entire cart subscriptions.

The app powers thousands of stores processing tens of thousands of orders daily, including Littledata customers like Tiege Hanley skin care and BIOHM probiotics.

Until we built this new integration, ReCharge customers didn’t have a way to get a complete data collection in Google Analytics without hiring expensive GA consultants.

Note: Now, with a revamped Recharge connection — Recharge v2 — you can track subscription lifecycle events with ease!

How the integration works

Integrating Littledata with Recharge lets you capture data about the entire subscriber journey, from marketing campaigns to first-time payments and recurring revenue. The integration uses Littledata’s magic sauce to connect Shopify and Recharge data to Google Analytics.

The reporting includes essential information for understanding business performance:

  • End-to-end Google Analytics tracking for the subscriber journey
  • Marketing attribution for subscription revenue, including first-time payments and recurring charges
  • Segmentation by payment source, subscription plan type and product category

With this integration plus the power of Littledata’s analytics audit tool, you ensure accurate tracking of everything in your ecommerce funnel. You can then take advantage of automated reporting to help you increase revenue, including report packs built specifically for subscription analytics.

Littledata’s revenue optimisation tools pull directly from your GA data. Advanced users can can also use that data directly in GA – and connect it to dashboard tools like Data Studio and Supermetrics.

And the price is right! Littledata provides Google Analytics for Recharge stores at no extra cost. It’s a free integration for any Shopify store using both apps!

Try Littledata free for 30 days

Setup guide

For the Littledata – Recharge integration to work, you need to install both apps for your Shopify store, then connect them by activating the integration.

  1. Install Recharge
  2. Install Littledata’s Shopify app
  3. Follow these steps to activate the integration

Note that you will activate ReCharge’s basic Google Analytics integration as part of the setup process, but you need to complete the Littledata integration to get full marketing attribution and to track recurring subscriptions (not just first-time payments).

For more information about how our Recharge integration works, check out our knowledge base.

If you’re looking for custom setup or help with reporting, consider one of Littledata’s enterprise plans. Higher-tier plans include a dedicated account manager and support from analytics experts. We have many happy Recharge customers, so please get in touch if you have any special requests!


This post was updated in February 2020.

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