Watch this quick video to learn how to install our Google Analytics Shopify app. The popular reporting app makes it easy to get better Google Analytics data about your Shopify store.

To install Littledata’s Shopify app and start trusting your data, follow the easy steps in the video:

  1. Get the app
  2. Authorise Google Analytics (GA) access
  3. Pick the existing GA data for your site
  4. Our app runs the migration process on your store
  5. Swap in Littledata’s tracker (in your Shopify store admin)
  6. Confirm and go live!

This video covers the basic setup process for fixing your data collection and setting up accurate tracking. But that’s only the beginning of what the app can do for you. Once you’ve successfully installed the app and fixed your analytics setup, we recommend making daily use of your new analytics dashboard, setting up custom reports and alerts, and checking out relevant ecommerce benchmarks. Shopify stores love how the app automatically shows you the most important metrics for your sales and marketing. With a clear view of the complete user lifecycle — from marketing channel engagement, to shopping cart activity, to repeat buying — the sky’s the limit!