Here at Littledata we believe that everyone should have access to professional-level analytics tools for tracking, reporting, and improving sales and engagement. That’s why we built the ultimate Shopify reporting app.

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms on the planet, but their standard analytics are extremely limited. Even if you have a Shopify Plus plan with Acquisition and Behaviour reports, this default reporting misses out on essential metrics for understanding how to improve sales and conversions on your site.

Littledata Shopify Reporting App

How can you expect to improve marketing ROI without marketing-channel attribution for every type of sale in your store? How can you expect to increase sales without a clear picture of shopping cart behaviour? And how can you grow a business unless you understand what share of your sales comes from repeat buying versus new customers?

Here’s a table detailing what you can track with the Littledata Shopify app:

Shopify’s Standard Tracking vs Littledata for Shopify

Standard Tracking in Shopify The Littledata Shopify App
Transaction volumes in Shopify match volumes in Google Analytics  ✓
Sales attribution to the source of the visit (marketing channels and other sources)  ✓
Track what pages users see  ✓  ✓
Demographics tracking (age group, interests, etc.)  ✓
 Ecommerce behaviour
Track what lists are viewed divided by category  ✓
Track the product position in a list  ✓
Track the clicks on products in a list  ✓
Track the product page views  ✓  ✓
Track what products are added to cart  ✓  ✓
Track what products are viewed in the cart  ✓
Analyse the data by product variants (colour, size, etc.)
Track checkout steps (cart, billing, shipping, payment)  ✓
Analyse what order coupons / discount codes perform best  ✓  ✓
 Recurring payments
Track ReCharge renewals  ✓
Differentiate ReCharge sales from normal sales  ✓
 Extra accuracy
Deduct returns from total transactions  ✓
Track in Google Analytics by User ID from Shopify  ✓
Exclude traffic from payment gateways like  ✓
Exclude spam traffic from Google Analytics data set  ✓
Capture on-site search terms  ✓
Store currency matches Google Analytics currency  ✓
Store timezone matches Google Analytics timezone  ✓

The Littledata app makes all of this remarkably easy. It guides you through the correct Google Analytics setup for your Shopify store, then provides curated reports and analytics to help you make sense of your new stream of reliable data.

You don’t have to be a Google Analytics expert to use Littledata’s Shopify app. In fact, the app works best for product and marketing teams that are eager to learn about the big power of little data. We simplify the setup process and streamline the reporting process. It’s that simple. Try it today for free in the reporting section of the Shopify App Store and see for yourself!