How to add tracking for multiple websites or apps (VIDEO)

If you’re tracking multiple sites or apps in Google Analytics, you can connect all of these views to your Littledata account and easily switch between them. Watch this quick video to learn how to add or remove a Google Analytics data source in the Littledata app.

FAQs – Working with multiple Google Analytics views

How do Littledata reports link to Google Analytics views?

When you click to set up another site you will see a list of all the Google Analytics properties and views linked to your Google account. Typically you will only be interested in one of the views, which contains data for the site or app you are working on.

When you select a view, Littledata fetches the data it needs to enable core features such as our intelligent Google Analytics audit and industry benchmarking. Note that this doesn’t commit you to purchase anything. The underlying data in your Google Analytics account is not affected unless you opt-in to our automated fixes, which let you automatically fix particular aspects of your Google Analytics setup.

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How many websites or apps can I track?

You can set up standard reporting for as many websites as you like. However, if you’re using Littledata’s Pro services for advanced custom reporting, this is priced per view or data source.

You can switch between these sites using the drop-down menu in the top bar.

Does your reporting work with mobile app properties?

Right now, some of the features will work – such as dashboards, alerts and buyer personas – but audit and benchmarking are specifically for websites.

How do I add or remove a site?

Once you’ve connected multiple web properties to your Littledata account, you can manage them using the My Sites page under the profile photo drop-down menu in the upper right.

Can Littledata handle micro-sites?

Yes. If each micro-site have it’s own Google Analytics view, then go ahead and connect them all to your Littledata account.

If the micro-sites are all under one web view, then ask the Littledata team about custom solutions to create a multi-site dashboard that lets you visualise Google Analytics data from many micro-sites and benchmark against each other. We have done this for a range of customers and are happy to discuss the details of what is involved in reporting on multiple micro-sites, whether just a few or several hundred!

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