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Are you a digital marketing agency looking for new reporting solutions? As our agency partnerships continue to grow, we thought it would be useful to outline how Littledata’s custom reporting helps forward-thinking agencies cut down on reporting time, visualise data and improve performance for their clients.

The marketing landscape is complex, but your reporting doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With such a wide range of channels and sites to track, many agencies struggle to find the best analytics tools. To you we say: Welcome, you’ve finally found a solution that both simplifies and enhances the reporting process.

Custom reports and analytics setup for marketing agency clients

Smarter reporting and accurate analytics

Do you produce regular campaign performance reports in Excel or Google Sheets for your clients? Have you rejected other reporting solutions as being too rigid or complex for your needs?

Then Littledata’s custom reports could work well for you and your clients. We automate the data fetching and calculations you currently run manually, and display the results to clients in a streamlined web app. We’ll even show you the most important metrics, and report on key changes – automatically.

One key advantage over tools such as Tableau, Data Studio or Chartio is that you can define a template report and then roll it out for many different web properties (or segments of websites) with the click of a button.

Compared with other solutions you may have considered we also offer:

  • Full support in data setup, report design and client onboarding
  • Branded report packs for your clients and customers
  • Complete life cycle data on your clients’ customers, from marketing attribution to repeat purchases (including for subscription-based businesses)
  • 1st line support to end users
  • Flexibility to calculate any metrics (using Google Sheets in our processing pipeline)
  • Comparison to industry benchmarks for sales, marketing and web performance – or create private benchmarks amongst your own client base
  • Actionable insights for any online business to improve marketing ROI and increase conversions, whether one large ecommerce site or a series of micro-sites
  • Integration of Google Analytics with Google Search Console data for powerful SEO reports

Try Littledata free for 30 days

We’re also open to discussions about white-labelling the Littledata app. This type of partnership works best for agencies with at least 20 clients ready to take advantage of our intelligent analytics tools.

Please contact us if you’d like a demo, to see how this has worked for existing customers, or to discuss a particular client’s needs. Get ready to love your analytics 🙂

How to add tracking for multiple websites or apps (VIDEO)

How to add tracking for multiple websites or apps (VIDEO)

If you’re tracking multiple sites or apps in Google Analytics, you can

How to set up Site Search tracking in Google Analytics (VIDEO)
Set up site search tracking in Google Analytics

How to set up Site Search tracking in Google Analytics (VIDEO)

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