How to see shopping behaviour for each product you sell (VIDEO)

Shopping behavior

Product performance can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In this quick video, we show you how to use Google Analytics to see shopping behaviour related to each product you’re selling.

All you’ll need to see this report is a site connected to Google Analytics with the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin setup.

Using the Shopping Behavior report in Google Analytics

Whether your ecommerce site is large or small, the Shopping Behavior report makes it easy to drill deep into user behaviour to understand why some products are converting better than others.

If a particular product isn’t selling well, the Shopping Behavior report will help you figure out why. It shows how far shoppers engage with your products, from initial list views through to shopping cart activities.

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Reasons a product might not be selling well

  • It isn’t at an optimal place in a product list or display
  • The product details, such as images and description, aren’t sending the right message
  • Customers are abandoning their shopping carts completely, or removing that particular product (or group of products, such as multiple pairs of jeans) after adding it
  • Who knows? You haven’t audited your Google Analytics setup lately so your customer behaviour data can’t be trusted to help you improve

Each of those issues requires different actions, sometimes by entirely different departments (ie. marketing, pricing, ux)! That’s what makes the Shopping Behavior report so important for improving ecommerce sales and conversions.

We hope you enjoyed this latest video in our series of Google Analytics how-to guides. Need help setting up Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, or ensuring that your data is accurate? Contact a Littledata consultant today.

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