New webinar: Google Analytics for Shopify stores


Have you ever been browsing the Shopify app store and wished that you could hear directly from founders and app developers about how their products work? Our new free webinar lets you do exactly that!

We’re dedicated to providing free learning tools for Shopify stores. In the webinar recording below, you’ll hear directly from our CEO and Product Director about how the Littledata reporting app works for Shopify sites on the growth path.

Interested in automating your Google Analytics reporting? Great. Confused about how to connect your marketing campaigns to checkout steps and buying behaviour? No problem – we’ve got you covered. Problems are our business 🙂

Google Analytics made easy for Shopify stores

Join Edward Upton to get the lowdown on optimising Google Analytics for Shopify. Put on your thinking caps and get ready for Shopify Reporting 101.

In the recorded webinar, Ed gives a product overview and covers a range of FAQs:

  • Common issues with Shopify’s native reporting
  • How to get accurate data across the customer life cycle with Google Analytics
  • Who uses Littledata
  • How our automated reporting works
  • The connection between marketing and revenue

Our live webinars are designed for ecommerce sites, marketing agencies and everyone in between. We adapt the content based on questions from participants, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and suggestions.

Try Littledata free for 30 days

Ready for smarter growth? Sign up for a free trial of our Shopify reporting app today! The trials extend to all plans, so you can fix your analytics and fully test our feature set.

PS. If you’re looking for info on our Shopify app integration partners, check out these posts on ReCharge and Refersion.

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