Introducing Littledata’s agency partner program

Littledata agency partners

We’re excited to announce a new partner program for agencies! The pilot version was a huge success, so now we’re opening up the program to any agency looking for a smarter ecommerce analytics solution.

If you’re using a BI dashboard and maybe some tools like Data Studio and Supermetrics, that’s great, but you still need an advanced analytics solution like Littledata.

Our app takes data science to the next level by actually fixing your customers’ Google Analytics setups to ensure accurate tracking at every customer touch point. Then the app uses that data to automatically build smart, relevant reports. Additional benefits for partners include advanced setup with GTM and Facebook Pixel, custom reporting and analytics training. It’s a win-win!

If you’re a digital agency with ecommerce clients, Littledata will make your job a whole lot easier.

Ecommerce analytics for agencies

Partnerships are at the centre of our business. At Shopify Unite this year, we announced the pilot phase of this new program that makes it easier for marketing agencies and ecommerce site developers to bring accurate analytics to their clients.

How Littledata works - connect, fix, automate, optimise!

But while Shopify is our most extensive integration, our agency partner program is designed for anyone working the ecommerce space, whether your clients are on Shopify Plus, Magento, Demandware, another platform or a custom build. As long as they’re using Google Analytics to track marketing and shopping behaviour, Littledata will help you help them.

Key benefits for agencies:

  • Guarantee accurate data for your customers
  • Save time by automating Google Analytics setup and reporting
  • Automated reporting with proven results for ecommerce growth
  • Custom views and dimensions in GA that you can use however you want
  • Google-certified account managers to answer customer questions about analytics
  • Easy access to client reports with our team members feature
  • Analytics training for your team

Complete ecommerce analytics suite:

How it works

Our onboarding process for ecommerce agencies is very straightforward. It starts with a conversation where we can learn about each other’s businesses. If it’s a good match, we move on to sign a partnership agreement with clear terms for referrals and revenue share, then get you started with a test account for your first referral.

Team invites let you add members to your LIttledata account

The Littledata app creates a test property so that you – and your client, if you wish – can see how our tracking compares against the current Google Analytics setup. Once you go live with the new tracking, we work directly with your team to help you get the most out of the app’s functionality, and begin to develop custom reports and private benchmarks, depending on what’s most relevant to your agency business model.

We also build a co-marketing plan with your team to help the partnership reach the right customers at the right time.

And then – you got it – we grow together to take over the universe! Or at least we help growing ecommerce sites reach exponential levels of growth. (Read some customer stories.)

Littledata’s agency partner program is highly selective, but we do try to respond to all inquiries. So if you’re looking for better ecommerce analytics for your clients, please do get in touch.

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