We’re excited to announce that Littledata now fully integrates with CartHook. The integration provides automatic tracking for sales from CartHook’s one-page checkout and connects that data to marketing channels and shopper behaviour.

Littledata — CartHook integration is the easiest way to get accurate data and smart reporting to improve sales and marketing ROI. All you need is a Shopify store with CartHook Checkout installed (even for just one product) and a Google Analytics account!

What is CartHook?

CartHook makes it easy for Shopify stores to add customisable one-page checkouts and post purchase one-click upsells. Their intuitive funnel builder lets any store customise the checkout process to increase conversions and decrease abandonment.

Features include:

  • Customisable one-page checkout
  • One-click post-purchase upsells, including for subscription products (works great with our ReCharge integration)
  • Product Funnels allow you to send traffic to a pre-loaded checkout page from any landing page
  • Native Shopify integration means no custom coding required!

How it works

Integrating CartHook with Littledata ensures that all sales activity is tracking correctly in Google Analytics. Littledata weaves together your Shopify and CartHook data and connects it with your marketing channels and campaigns. Why spend developer time on custom scripts and events when you can just activate the integration in a couple of minutes?


Benefits of CartHook integration:

  • Sales tracking – Get automatic tracking for sales from CartHook, seamlessly synced with sales made via standard Shopify checkout
  • Marketing attribution – Connect marketing channels and campaigns with shopping cart activity and buyer behaviour
  • Optimisation – Scale the smart way with Littledata’s industry-leading optimisation tools, including a personalised dashboard, report packs, benchmarks and buyer personas

It’s all about accurate data. Littledata’s script runs in the background, pulling from CartHook, Shopify, and any other source you’ve connected to your analytics. If you’re an advanced Google Analytics user, you can dig into the improved data collection directly in GA. Read more about why CartHook customers should use Littledata.

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Setup guide

For the Littledata — CartHook integration to work, you need to have both apps installed for your Shopify store, then connect them by activating the integration.

  1. Install CartHook and Littledata
  2. Follow these steps to activate the integration

Yes, it’s that easy!

Shopify Plus

If you run a larger Shopify store on Shopify Plus, we’re here to help you scale. Both Littledata and CartHook offer enterprise plans that include custom setup and a dedicated account manager. Larger stores looking for an enterprise plan or managed services are encouraged to sign up directly and then contact us for a free consultation.

If you’re a digital agency with multiple customers on Shopify using CartHook, even better! Check out our agency partner program for Shopify experts.