For every retail loser there’s a retail winner

Benchmarking Metrics
Benchmarking Metrics

Today PwC’s retail survey found the British high street is being reshaped as shoppers shift online – especially in fashion, where a net 100 high street stores closed.

This misses the positive side of the story: all those shoppers are buying from independent UK brands online instead, which is one of the fastest growing area of the UK economy.

We looked at 30 mid-sized online fashion retailers (with average sales of £1m per month) who get a majority of their traffic from the UK. This collection had grown their sales by an aggregate 21% from October 2017 to October 2018 (year on year).

Fashion shoppers love to browse unique designs on Instagram and Pinterest, compare prices and get easy home deliveries. Independent ecommerce brands are bringing original designs to the British wardrobe, and we should celebrate their success.


Behind the research

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Introducing our new Facebook Ads connection
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Introducing our new Facebook Ads connection

We’re excited to announce a new Facebook Ads connection in the Littledata

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how to set up enhanced ecommerce tracking via google tag manager

How to set up Enhanced Ecommerce tracking via Google Tag Manager

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