Introducing Shopify Flow connectors for Google Analytics

Shopify Flow connector for Google Analytics

Littledata has launched the first Shopify Flow connector for Google Analytics, enabling Shopify Plus stores to analyse customer journey using a custom event in Google Analytics.

In addition to Littledata’s native connections with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Facebook Ads, ReCharge, etc., we have now launched a beta version of a Flow connector for Google Analytics.

What is Shopify Flow?

Flow is an app included with Shopify Plus, which enables stores to define automation pathways for marketing and merchandising. Think of it as an ‘If This Then That’ generator just for Shopify.

For example, after an order is marked as fulfilled in Shopify’s admin you might want to trigger an email to ask for a review of the product. This would involve setting a ‘trigger’ for when an order is fulfilled and an ‘action’ to send an email to this customer.

How do you use Littledata Flow actions?

  1. You install Littledata’s Shopify app along with Shopify Flow
  2. Every time an order is created in your store we send it to Google Analytics, along with information about which customer ID made the order (nothing personally identifiable)
  3. You add Littledata’s actions to your Flow
  4. Every time the order or customer event is triggered, even for offline events, the event is linked back to Google Analytics
  5. In Google Analytics you can then:
    1. Segment the customer base to see if these actions influence purchasing behaviour
    2. Visualise when these events occurred
    3. Analyse the customers making these actions: which geography, which browser, which marketing channel
    4. (in GA 360) Export the audience to retarget in Google Ads
    5. (in GA 360) Export the audience to run a website personalisation for using Google Optimize

How do you set the actions up in Flow?

  • Google Analytics customer event – can be used with any customer triggers, such as Customer Created
  • Google Analytics order event – can be used with any order triggers such as Order Fulfilled, Order Paid,

How else could I use the events?

You can now link any of your favourite Shopify Apps with Flow connectors into Google Analytics. Some examples would be:

    • Analyse if adding a product review leads to higher lifetime value



How much does this cost?

The Flow connectors are included as part of Littledata’s standard subscription plans. You’ll need Littledata’s app to be installed and connected to link the events back to a customer – and to get reliable data for pre-order customer behaviour.

Try Littledata free for 30 days

Can Littledata set up a flow for a specific app?

Our Enterprise Plans offer account management to help you configure the Littledata Shopify connection, including the Shopify Flow connectors. Get in touch if you have a specific app you’ll like to make this work with.


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