How to succeed with subscription ecommerce: podcast and virtual summit

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We’re excited to participate in eCommerce Master Plan’s virtual summit for subscription ecommerce this week. Littledata CEO Edward Upton is one of the lecturers, and that’s not all!

Over 10 industry experts have contributed in-depth online sessions to the summit, with advice for a variety of sites. This popular online conference is the place to be, whether you’re just launching subscription products or looking to optimize revenue and customer lifetime value for an established brand. 

Subscription eCommerce Virtual Summit

eCommerce Master Plan Virtual Summit

The summit is a gathering place for thought leaders and growing brands. Sessions are live today, Tuesday 30th April, and unlocked for participants until 5pm on Thursday 2nd May.

In one of the online sessions, Ed shares essential advice about Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for subscription ecommerce. Get the inside scoop on how to calculate CLV and what it means for your business.

The summit is a who’s-who of next-gen ecommerce apps and consultants. Ed is joined by experts from ReCharge, Churn Buster and more. Topics include everything from launching and scaling a subscription box company, to specifics about Facebook Ads and loyalty programmes.

Why attend the summit?

Why should you attend this 3-day annual conference?

Chloe and the team break it down into the most convincing reasons:

  • HUGE Opportunity
    The latest Royal Mail research predicts the Subscription Box market will be worth £1 billion in 2022. This Summit will give you the knowledge to grab your share of that market growth
  • It’s a different ball game
    Subscription eCommerce is a very different type of business to a ‘normal’ eCommerce business. Different challenges, different opportunities. This Summit will explore those differences, and how to make the most of them to build and grow your subscription business.
  • Keep Optimising
    Learn multiple ways to optimise and improve the marketing of subscription products.

We couldn’t agree more. It’s why we built, and why we regularly highlight content specifically for online retailers selling things by subscription – whether it’s the heart of your business (like it is for our customers Athletic Greens and Dry Farm Wines) or simply a part of your wider product mix.

Plus, it’s a virtual summit so travel costs are nonexistent. So start brewing that coffee at home and hop online for non-stop learning. Sign up today!

Free podcast with subscription ecommerce tips

Want to learn more before signing up? Conference organizer (and ecommerce mastermind) Chloe Thomas has you covered.

Check out Chloe’s latest podcast (the 213th episode!) on top tips from the summit – including some from Littledata.

If you’re looking for even more free content, this podcast episode is a great compliment to Ed’s appearance on the eCommerce Fastlane podcast, where he breaks down how to get a complete picture of your store’s performance, from marketing channels through repeat buying behaviour.

Thanks and see you at the summit!

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