Typically, online shoppers aren’t engaging with your products because they’re not engaging with your page.

To truly optimise conversions, you need product pages that visually appeal, ooze customer value and surpass common industry benchmarks.

Once you start optimising your Shopify product pages, it’s off to the races. But on-page optimisation more of a marathon than a quick sprint to test and launch.

Just like CRO, product page optimisation is a continuous, analytical process of reviewing, changing, testing and refining. Optimisations help you discover:

  • What your customers find most appealing
  • What your customers like and care about
  • What about your brand makes your customer trust you
  • What ultimately encourages your customer to purchase

If you’ve had trouble optimising (or seeing positive results from) your product pages in the past, there’s no reason to get discouraged — there is always room for improvement. For online merchants, the following reminders are the key to Shopify product page success:

1) Establish product page goals

Before you create a product page or make changes to your current landing pages, be clear about what you want to accomplish with the page. Every online merchant wants to increase store sales. But many Shopify store owners have more specific, actionable goals to work towards, such as:

  • Increased sign-ups
  • More user engagement
  • Higher monthly page views

When planning your changes, think about what success looks like for your product pages.

2) Know how to measure your content

Whether your page is more of a content pillar page, category page, or a long product page with plenty of detail, there’s one easy way to measure engagement: track how far down the page users scroll.

For your store, reporting should be as straightforward as possible. In other words, when you make changes to your landing page, focus on tracking only the metrics that matter to your product. These are the metrics that yield the most return to your business.

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