Upcoming ecommerce events in NYC & LA

ChargeX Summit - ReCharge event in Santa Monica

We had a great time at Shopify Unite in June, but that was just the beginning of ecommerce conference season. What’s up next?

In the next few months the Littledata team will be hitting up both US coasts at major ecommerce events in New York City and Los Angeles, plus some smaller meetups in Austin, Nashville and the UK.

Will you join us?

Meet Magento (New York, NY)

September 5-6, 2019

It’s no secret. Littledata isn’t only for Shopify stores.

Our Magento customers include successful ecommerce brands like Horace and Micro Scooters.

We help Magento sites get better ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics since the beginning, and our new Welt Pixel partnership has taken automated tracking to the next level. You can , plus use Littledata connections like Facebook Ads and Google Ads to sync ppc data with ecommerce tracking.

That’s why we’re especially excited to be attending Meet Magento NYC this year.

With presentations ‘for merchants by merchants’, it’s always a truly informative time. While we won’t be speaking at this year’s event, Littledata team members will be around to chat about analytics and keep an eye out for ecommerce trends like how merchants and developers are handling headless ecommerce and multi-channel attribution.

We’re happy to hop on a quick demo. If you’ll be there too, come say hi!

ChargeX Summit (Santa Monica, CA)

September 19-20, 2019

We can’t wait for the ChargeX summit in Los Angeles. And it’s not just about getting a slice of that legendary Los Angeles sunshine in the land of Littledata customers like Groundwork coffee and Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style.

ChargeX is ReCharge’s annual user conference. ReCharge has been one of our most successful partnerships, and we continue to hone the ReCharge connection to help sites get accurate data about recurring payments and customer lifetime value (CLV/LTV).

The Littledata team will be at ChargeX to chat about getting better data about your subscription ecommerce business. Littledata CEO Edward Upton will be presenting on agency day, along with a killer lineup of industry experts including Benjamin Crudo from the Diff Agency and Kelly Vaughn from the The Taproom agency.

But that’s not all. The second day of the summit is all about merchants. We’ll have a large presence there to chat about how we can build a smarter, more profitable system for everyone.

Confirmed speakers include:

If you’re selling products by subscription, this is the conference for you. Whether or not you’re already using ReCharge or Littledata, you can attend the conference! Get your ticket today before they sell out 🙂

And if you’re based in LA or will be around for the summit, drop us a line.

Should you attend that ecommerce conference? Check out the Littledata conference checklist to find out if it’s worth the cost.

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