Why did Shopify delist Beeketing’s apps from their app store?

beeketing shopify apps

Shopify recently announced it will be delisting Beeketing apps from its store.

Beeketing builds a popular range of marketing automation apps to improve on-site conversion on ecommerce stores.

Shopify’s official statement says this was due to violations including “inadequate support for merchants and abuse of our marketing tools”.

But was it also due to the apps’ poor performance?

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To investigate, we looked at the July conversion rate for 115 stores using Beeketing’s apps versus 884 similar stores that did not use these plugins.

We found that the median ecommerce conversion for stores using Beeketing apps was lower at 1.4% versus 1.6% for stores without their apps. At 10%, this confidence level is a significant differential.

Although we found Beeketing apps increased add-to-cart rate (5.3% rate for Beeketing stores vs 4.2% without), this was not significant — it was based on a smaller sample of only 15 stores using Beeketing with add-to-cart rate tracked.

What it means

We can’t tell exactly which Beeketing apps these stores are using. However, we’d conclude that the seller urgency and intervening sales popups they are famous for might boost initial engagement, but don’t help eventual purchasing.

In delisting the apps, Shopify is likely not harming their merchants’ ability to sell.

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