We’re excited to announce a completely updated connection for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants using CartHook. The smart connection makes it easy to track your unique CartHook funnel in Google Analytics.

CartHook is a powerful one-page checkout and upsells app for Shopify stores, and Littledata’s mission is to fix your tracking, automatically. The updated CartHook connection – available for the first time directly from your CartHook admin – heeds that mission in helping merchants track every sale, refund and ecommerce checkout step:

  • Track your unique checkout journey, including CartHook Checkout, landing pages and one-click upsells
  • Get complete marketing attribution thanks to Littledata’s smart script
  • Segment sales by payment gateway
  • Own the data in Google Analytics, and connect to your favorite reporting tools

It’s an advanced Google Analytics integration for Shopify and CartHook, easy to set up in less than 10 minutes.

What’s new

CartHook was one of our first integrations at Littledata – before we even had ‘connections’ in the app! But it had to be done manually, and some merchants needed a custom setup.

Now any Shopify store using CartHook can activate our automated Shopify and CartHook connections. 

And what’s even better? We’re honored to be one of the first CartHook apps available directly from their admin.

You can enable the connections from the CartHook dashboard or from the Littledata dashboard.

Either way, the app will guide you through the setup steps to get the data flowing.

Seriously, it’s that easy!

How it works

Littledata’s advanced Google Analytics connection for CartHook merchants automatically tracks every sale, refund and checkout step, so you can focus on growing your business. 

The integration makes it easy to get accurate data on all CartHook purchases, including upsells, with clear attribution from all traffic sources in Google Analytics.

In short, whatever you’re doing with CartHook Checkout, we can help you track it.

The connection takes advantage of Littledata’s smart script for Shopify stores, making it easy to get extra benefits like multi-currency tracking and gtag/Google Tag Manager support, plus free reporting on your sales and marketing data. 

Note: The CartHook connection works in tandem with our Shopify connection, so you need to activate that one first.

Support from an analytics expert

Have questions about using CartHook with Google Analytics? Check out our new help center for a range of articles about scaling fast with accurate data, from technical documentation about how the Littledata app works with CartHook and Google Analytics, to Google Tag Manager setup and event mapping guides.

And if you’re looking for analytics support, we’ve got your back. Littledata Enterprise is a popular choice among Shopify Plus merchants who want custom setup and reporting, or maybe just a Google Analytics-certified account manager to help them scale.