In September 2019, our team attended #ChargeX in LA, an annual conference for the Shopify ReCharge community.

There were agencies, app developers, and a ton of Shopify Plus stores using ReCharge to power their subscription ecommerce.

Day 1 of the conference was mainly focused on partner agencies looking to build off the ReCharge platform, while day 2 was designed for Shopify merchant success.

We saw plenty of familiar names and faces, but perhaps the highlight of the weekend was sharing my talk which orbited around lifetime value: which marketing channels bring you profitable customers?

Note: Now, with a revamped ReCharge connection — ReCharge v2 — you can track subscription lifecycle events with ease!

Check out my full talk below. If you have questions, be sure to get in touch with support or our team of Google Analytics experts.

If you have questions about our advanced Google Analytics connection for ReCharge stores, we’re here to answer those too. Enjoy the talk!

Main points

  • How agencies can measure which marketing channels bring in the most profitable customers
  • Current fragmentation for marketing attribution – customer purchase data and browsing data in seperate silos
  • Overview of the many channels that all funnel into calculating lifetime value from pre-checkout through subscription renewal
  • How to predict which visitors will be high value, and experiment with what content you push to them
  • Three levers that impact Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Tip: Get accurate tracking for repeat orders with the ultimate ReCharge guide for Shopify and Shopify Plus.