The short answer is no: until these new properties come out of Beta testing and support Enhanced Ecommerce reporting, we can’t recommend you use them with your Shopify store.

This past July, Google brought out a public beta forcombining website and native mobile app tracking called ‘App + Web’ properties. These are technically a big step forward for Google Analytics (GA), combining some of the flexible, event-based tracking from Firebase Analytics for mobile with the deeper reporting and journey analysis tools in GA.

However, we believe these are not yet suitable for use with ecommerce stores because they miss the Enhanced Ecommerce reporting that makes GA so powerful for Shopify analysis.

Where’s this new reporting going?

What Google appears to be doing is rebuilding Google Analytics from the ground up, so it’s fair to call it ‘GA v2’. Some of the long-term problems they are addressing include:

  • Flexible ways of building funnels based on a series of events and page views (i.e. no more limitation on ONLY page views or event funnels)
  • More powerful ways to build ‘audiences’ used in other Google tools (such as Google Ads), instead of the clunky and error-prone advanced segment builder
  • True event-level views of the data with ‘stream view’
  • Enabling events to be sent with many properties, rather than just event ‘action’ and ‘label’

See Krista Seiden’s excellent post for more information on the features.

What’s next with App + Web?

We hope that (eventually) ecommerce events are added to that list, but it might be in a more flexible way to how GA v1 copes with events.

We’ll keep watching the progress, as this ‘App + Web’ setup is going to be the future it seems.