If you haven’t heard the news, we recently announced the launch of ReCharge v2, a revamped update to our popular ReCharge connection for Shopify.

ReCharge v2 allows new and current Littledata users to track subscription lifecycle events with 100% accuracy, all within their preferred dashboard of Google Analytics or Segment.

Tip: Download our free guide to advanced analytics for ReCharge and Shopify

Some of the ecommerce events you can now track are:

  • Subscription created
  • Subscription cancelled
  • Order processed
  • Charge failed
  • and more!

Note: See the full slate of events you can track with ReCharge v2.

recharge shopify vs connection for google analytics littledata

Advanced analytics for Shopify and ReCharge

Even before v2, integrating Littledata with ReCharge lets you capture data about the entire subscriber journey, from marketing campaigns to first-time payments and recurring revenue.


And of course, Littledata connects that data from Shopify and ReCharge to your preferred data destination, either Google Analytics or Segment.

shopify recharge smart connection guide for google analytics or segment, by LittledataNow, with a revamped connection for ReCharge users, we’re offering something even juicier — a free guide to advanced analytics for Shopify and ReCharge.

Download the guide for free today!

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