We’re at it again with another podcast episode!

Following last year’s appearences on Honest Ecommerce and Ecommerce Fastlane, we joined our friends at The Cut this time around.

A few months ago, our team traveled to LA for #ChargeX, a conference for Shopify subscription businesses and agencies, hosted by our partners at ReCharge.

Note: Check out our CEO’s ReCharge talk on calculating LTV with accuracy

Before heading to California, I joined The Shopify Dropify podcast, hosted by The Cut, a group of Shopify Experts and a creative agency based in Perth, Australia.

Check out the 30 min podcast below. If you have questions about how how we can help your store get accurate data, be sure to get in touch with support or our team of Google Analytics experts.

Main points

  • How our Shopify app helps merchants measure the core metrics for your business, such as average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (LTV), etc.
  • The most common mistakes we see Shopify stores make
  • Why it’s vital to have complete, accurate tracking at each step of the buying funnel
  • Differentiating first-time purchases from recurring purchases via our revamped ReCharge connection for subscription Shopify businesses
    • How merchants using our Shopify ReCharge connection have been able to predict their subscription sales performance
  • Where many Littledata customers find themselves in the path to scale
  • The questions we get most often
  • The unique challenges we think ecommerce businesses face the most
    • How ecommerce is (ironically) driving the re-opening of physical storefronts
  • Data trends for Shopify stores (e.g. POS systems, pop-ups, new data touch points, etc.)
  • The one thing we suggest merchants do right now to improve your store

Tip: Try our Google Analytics app for Shopify free for 30 days