As part of Littledata’s focus on Facebook Ads data this year, we have rebuilt our Facebook Ad Costs connection to be more dynamic and more robust.

If you’ve been asking how to track Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads in Google Analytics — or doing cost imports manually with Google Sheets and other tools — your life just got a whole lot easier.

Littledata’s new and improved Facebook Ad Costs connection automatically imports cost and campaign data from Facebook Ads to Google Analytics, giving Shopify merchants an unbiased view of multi-channel marketing attribution, user journeys and real ROI on PPC campaigns.

Cost analysis for campaigns

The Facebook Ads to Google Analytics connection now has added functionality including:

  • Handles up to 100,000 active Facebook Ads, imported daily to Google Analytics
  • Interprets dynamic campaign parameters
  • Imports up to 90 days of campaign history on the first import
  • Works for both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
  • Import multiple Facebook Ad accounts to one Google Analytics property
  • Import one Facebook Ad account to one multiple Google Analytics properties
  • Recommends improved campaign URL parameters when none are given

Of course the core functionality remains the same: easily pull campaign details and cost data into GA from your FB Ad accounts. Thank you to our customers who gave feedback to help improve the connection — we couldn’t have done it without you.

The updated Facebook Ad Costs connection is available on all paid plans at no additional cost. Start a free trial today and start analyzing your campaigns more accurately.