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Are you ready for ReCharge v2.3? The latest version of Littledata’s popular ReCharge connection is more powerful and extensible than ever.

Subscription ecommerce is booming right now, especially for consumables like wine and coffee. Many Shopify stores are even seeing Black Friday-level traffic. But there’s also more competition than ever. ShipBob has noted that subscription discounts are especially popular right now, during the seemingly endless days of COVID-19, as a way to bring new subscribers to your brand.

This is a major opportunity — but it also means that there’s a lot more competition. Data is more important than ever to understanding your store performance and benchmarking your site, choosing the best marketing channels for your products and targeting the best customers with a higher lifetime value (LTV).

Data is more important than ever to understanding your store performance

So what exactly can you track with Littledata’s ReCharge integration?

ReCharge to GAReCharge integration for Google Analytics

Our ReCharge connection has gone through a lot of updates over the years, based on feedback from our customers, including smaller Shopify merchants, larger DTC brands on Shopify Plus, and our agency partners around the world. Earlier this year, ReCharge v2 saw the addition of subscription lifecycle events.

ReCharge v2.3 is now available to all merchants, with the addition of events to track the ReCharge checkout funnel — and segment by product and marketing channel.

So what’s new?

Clearer segmentation of first time vs recurring orders

When you add Littledata’s ReCharge connection we now add three Views in Google Analytics to help segment the data:

  • One-time orders and first-time subscriptions – A good way to track initial purchases. We automatically filter out duplicate and recurring orders from this view.
  • All orders – All orders placed on your store, including one-time orders, first-time subscriptions, recurring orders, and prepaid orders.
  • Raw backup – A raw data backup with no filters!

This separation enables stores to easily calculate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) on one-time orders and first-time subscriptions. Furthermore, for all the subscriptions that started after you installed Littledata’s ReCharge connection, you can group them by subscriber (Shopify customer ID) or by marketing channel or campaign for insightful Return on Investment (ROI) calculations.

Read more about how Littledata works with Views and Filters.

Checkout funnel events

Starting from June 2020, stores on ReCharge v2.3 can see checkout step events to match the checkout events sent from the Shopify checkout.

Littledata’s checkout tracking works without the need to add Google Tag Manager or other tracking scripts to the ReCharge checkout, simplifying implementation — and reducing the risk that 3rd party script interrupt or intercept the sensitive payment details.

Excluding prepaid subscriptions

Stores generating prepaid subscriptions were seeing duplicate orders when that subscription eventually got processed. In the new One-time orders and first-time subscriptions view, we filter these duplicates out automatically.

Custom dimensions for LTV and more

Our ReCharge customers benefit from the same user-scope custom dimensions in Google Analytics that we have for all Shopify stores, allowing you to segment and retarget audiences based on data such as their lifetime spend, date of first subscription, or number of subscription payments.

Marketing attribution

All of these ReCharge v2.3 updates work with our smart tech for accurate marketing attribution.

What’s the real ROI on your Facebook Ads? Do customers who pick higher-value subscription bundles come from a particular channel? See how Littledata fixes marketing attribution automatically for Shopify stores, with a combination of client-side (browser) and server-side tracking.

Tip: Read our reviews to see what ReCharge customers are saying about Littledata!

ReCharge integration for Segment

Our ReCharge integration is now fully compatible with our Shopify to Segment connection, so if you want to send Shopify and ReCharge events to Segment, we’ve got you covered. This is a seamless way for ReCharge stores to get revenue and customer information into Segment’s hundreds of destinations.

Headless Shopify tracking for ReCharge

ReCharge Connection v2.3 is fully compatible with Littledata’s headless tracking solution. Stores using ReCharge’s new Checkout API can use Littledata’s headless demo to show you how to get the same seamless customer journey from storefront, through checkout to purchasing.

Littledata is the only tracking solution compatible with headless ReCharge setups, including those built by our amazing tech partners like Nacelle.

ReCharge in-app analytics

ReCharge has also launched a powerful in-app analytics feature available to all users. ReCharge launched Enhanced Analytics for Pro customers in 2019 to allow cohort and metric tracking. This is a powerful feature, but it’s different from what Littledata does. The most successful brands are using both tools.

ReCharge’s analytics feature offers easy ways to visualize your ReCharge data in the app, while Littledata fixes sales and marketing tracking and sends that data to Segment or Google Analytics.

What you can doReCharge Enhanced AnalyticsLittledata + Google AnalyticsLittledata + Segment
Look at trends in subscription sign-ups and cancellations
Analyze churn rate by cohort or product✔ *✔ *
Visualize cohort retention  
Fetch last-click source and medium (UTM parameters) from subscription API  
Analyze multi-channel marketing contributions to subscription sales
Attribute recurring orders back to marketing campaigns
Analyze Customer Lifetime Value including non-ReCharge spend 
Track charge failures by any customer attribute 
Track subscription cancellations or upgrades by any customer attribute 
Track customer updates by any customer attribute 
Track usage of the customer portal on our site by any customer attribute 
See how any ReCharge customer event connects to the pre-checkout behaviour of the user 
Look at cancelation rate by marketing channel
Trigger transactional emails based on changes to subscriptions **  
Retarget segments of ReCharge audience in common marketing destinations  

* Requires additional analysis in a spreadsheet
** In Segment destinations such as Iterable

How do you get all this?

If you’re already a Littledata customer, you can update to ReCharge v2 directly in the app (just login and you’ll be prompted to upgrade if you haven’t already).

New to Littledata? We now offer a 30-day free trial on all plans, and setup only take a few minutes. If you are looking for more support, like account management or analytics training, please contact us about enterprise plans.

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