Happy 2021! We are excited to announce that Littledata’s Google Analytics app for Shopify stores is featured in a new Shopify App Store collection called Plan for what’s next.

As ecommerce continues to scale at lightning speed, planning for growth (and how to beat the rising tides of DTC competition) is on everyone’s mind this year, so we couldn’t be happier with the timing for this app store promotion.

Google Analytics by Littledata is one of the top-reviewed apps in the app store. Benefits include:

  • Complete sales tracking
  • Marketing attribution
  • Advanced tracking for apps like ReCharge and CartHook
  • Custom dimensions for tracking payment gateways and customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Own the data in Google Analytics

The Shopify App Store ecosystem has grown quite a bit since we launched our first Shopify app there in 2017, and it’s always nice to be promoted internally by Shopify to reach even more merchants that could benefit from complete ecommerce analytics. The app store has evolved, but it’s still all about apps that work well together, whether you’re selling by subscription or going headless.

If you’re serious about data-driven growth, it’s time to give Littledata a try. Start a 30-day free trial today and say hello to accurate data.

View the new collection in the Shopify App Store >>>

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