It’s hard enough for Shopify stores to get accurate sales and marketing data. And if you’re selling by subscription, this can seem even more complicated.

In fact, 88% of Shopify stores have Google Analytics setup incorrectly, leading to a throughput of less than 90% (for every 100 orders in Shopify, 12 or more go missing in GA).

I hate to break it to you, but for subscription merchants the reality is even harsher. Many brands can’t even segment out first-time purchases from recurring orders, let alone tie them back to marketing campaigns!

Luckily there’s now a better way.

Top subscription brands use modern data stacks to get the data they need to make informed decisions. This means understanding your checkout flow, yes, but also product lists, subscription bundles, discounts, returns, subscription lifecycle behavior, and top marketing channels for higher LTV customers. In this new ebook on ReCharge analytics, we show you how to do just that — no developer skills needed!

Free ebook on ReCharge analytics best practices

Subscription analytics are a beast, and too many brands make one of these three common mistakes:

  1. Procrastination. “We know we have a data problem but will fix it next quarter…year…never…”
  2. The wrong tools. “We bought a fancy new dashboard, that will solve everything, right?” or “We bought this subscription analytics tool that works really well for SaaS companies. Why isn’t it working well for ecommerce?”
  3. Completely manual approach. “Excel is my full-time job. I don’t have time for data-driven growth.”

Top brands use modern data tools to tame the beast of analytics. In this new ebook, you’ll learn how to get the data you need to accelerate growth. See how to automatically capture data at every turn:

  • Track one-off orders and first-time subscriptions
  • Track recurring payments and tie them back to the original marketing channel
  • Calculate customer lifetime value (“CLV” or “LTV”) and build more valuable cohorts
  • Capture subscription lifecycle events like “Subscription updated”
  • Get accurate marketing attribution
  • Ultimately make better decisions for your store

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Learn more about what you can track with Littledata’s ReCharge connection.

Tip: Advanced users can also now send data directly to Segment (and any connected data warehouse, email marketing platform or reporting tool).