Littledata announces Google Analytics integration for BigCommerce

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We are excited to announce that Littledata is available to BigCommerce merchants. Like our popular Shopify app for Google Analytics, our BigCommerce connection for Google Analytics ensures accurate sales and marketing data across the user journey.

BigCommerce is Littledata’s first ecommerce platform integration outside of Shopify. With brands like SuperdrySkull Candy and 5-hour Energy now on BigCommerce, the timing couldn’t be better.

Read on to see what we’ve added to the app and the benefits for ecommerce marketers and data scientists—or download now from the BigCommerce app store.

Why BigCommerce?

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce has seen remarkable growth over the last couple of years, especially in North America. A year ago when they went public, BigCommerce was already powering over 60,000 online stores in 120 countries. They have focused on additional sales channels such as Amazon since early on, and recently announced a major partnership with Amazon for fulfillment, and another with Mercado Libre for extension into the Latin American market.

Everyone needs accurate data to make data-driven decisions. We’re excited to be extending our ecommerce data platform to work with BigCommerce. We chose BC because it’s a great fit with our customer base which are typically successful DTC brands looking to scale faster and smarter. In addition, there’s a growing amount of overlap with our technology partners and agency partners around the world.

Advanced Google Analytics integration

Accurate data is essential for ecommerce growth, but ecommerce tracking is notoriously difficult. As the top data platform specifically designed for ecommerce, our upcoming release in the BigCommerce app store will change the game.

Littledata’s advanced Google Analytics connector for BigCommerce stores will give you accurate data, automatically. Whether you are an ecommerce manager looking for accurate data to drive decision making, or a CTO or web developer looking for a seamless tracking solution, we’re here to make your job easier.

Benefits include:

  • Complete sales data
  • Accurate marketing attribution
  • Checkout funnel tracking
  • Own the data in Google Analytics

As with all Littledata connections, Littledata’s BigCommerce Google Analytics integration has the added benefit of enabling accurate data in any connected BI dashboard or reporting tool. What’s more, the integration will work with custom themes and headless BigCommerce setups!

Subscription analytics

Tracking recurring orders is one of Littledata’s key benefits and one of the most-cited features in our five-star reviews. We are especially excited about extending our subscription analytics to BC stores, enabling accurate data about recurring transactions and customer lifetime value (LTV).

Our first subscription analytics integration will be with our longtime integration partner ReCharge, who also recently launched on BigCommerce. Head to the BigCommerce app store to add Littledata to your tech stack stoday.

Note: If you are interested in connecting BigCommerce with GA4 (the newest version of Google Analytics), reach out to us about our beta program.

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