Segment Recipe: Create Facebook lookalike audiences of your top-spending customers

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The promotional power of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads is no secret. All of our customers use them.

Smart ecommerce marketers, however, know that beyond their wide reach, the true value of these ads comes in using them to reach specific buyer personas. Targeting those who are most likely to make a purchase is a great way to boost sales, but how do you reach that audience over time? In short: How do you find more customers like your highest LTV customers?

Littledata has worked with top DTC brands using Shopify and Segment, such as Rothy’s and Sheertex, to enable data that lets you do exactly that.

One key way is lookalike audiences. To help you dive into utilizing these audiences for your store, we’ve created an analytics recipe along with our partner Segment.

The recipe is made to help you stop wasting time building audiences manually while still allowing you to reach your highest-value customers — the ones who are ready to buy and more likely to make bigger purchases over time. It explains step by step how to continuously target a similar audience to your top-spenders, so you’ll start getting your ads in front of eager potential buyers.

Build a Lookalike Audience in Facebook from your Highest Spending Customers

Lookalike audiences such as these are a staple in successful ecommerce brands’ promotion strategies, as they widen your audience while ensuring you get the most value out of the advertising dollars you spend. Read the full post on Segment’s blog to learn how you can start utilizing this recipe in your Facebook Ad strategy.We look at how to:

  • Create an audience in Segment Personas of highest spending customers
  • Automatically sync that audience with Facebook Ads
  • Create a lookalike audience in Facebook Ads to find more high-value customers

If you’ve wondered how to use rule-based audiences to increase revenue, this is the recipe for you.

Do you know how accurate your ecommerce reporting is? Get a clearer picture with a full data audit from Littledata as part of our 30 day free trial to start owning your data and make decisions off truly accurate data.

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