Podcast: Turbocharge Your Growth With Trusted and Accurate Data

Before you make any big decisions for your Shopify store, you need to know if you’re making them based on the best possible data.

Having 100% confidence in your store’s analytics leads to you making the right decisions to improve your store design, offerings, and promotion methods. It’s also the backbone of a growth plan that will help you reach your store’s revenue targets faster.

In the 200th episode of the eCommerce Fastlane podcast, our CMO Ari Messer sat down with eCommerce Fastlane’s Steve Hutt to talk about why there’s a discrepancy between Google Analytics and other analytics sources, how that bad data can lead you down a wrong decision-making path, and what to do so you set your store up for growth instead.

The episode also touches on:

  • How to finally have 100% confidence in your data accuracy
  • First-party, zero-party data, and why they’re important to your store
  • How to audit and fix Google Analytics to ensure accurate tracking
  • How to get accurate marketing attribution (including cross-domain and multi-currency)
  • How to get accurate Facebook campaign tagging and campaign cost imported to Google Analytics

Get a free analytics audit just for listening

eCommerce Fastlane listeners can get a hands-on look at how to use Google Analytics, Segment, or any connected reporting tool to get more accurate data on their Shopify store.

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Get benchmarks for your store that help you analyze your place in the market, identify areas of improvement, and then plan a roadmap for building a better data stack that will supercharge your growth.

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Lunch with Littledata: Can an agency like Blend help multiply your revenue?

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