For ecommerce stores, nothing is scarier than wasting money and effort following decisions made using bad data.

But, integrating Google Analytics with Shopify or BigCommerce doesn’t have to be a horror story. Our Halloween-themed Google Analytics guide will help you banish the phantoms in your data and get 100% accurate analytics for your store.

Don’t let your data keep you up at night

The best way to combat inaccurate and rotten data is to arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools. 

In this Google Analytics guide, we share:

  • How to fix your ecommerce tracking
  • The top tools to help you do it
  • The most common issues we see in analytics setups
  • How to start making data-driven decisions for your store

That includes our Google Analytics 101 guide which covers everything from why Shopify Analytics doesn’t match Google Analytics to how to calculate customer LTV and track subscriptions in the Shopify checkout.

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haunted analytics

Get the checklist to banish demons from your data

While ecommerce analytics can seem a scary challenge at first, remember that many Shopify stores have been in your shoes before.

The checklist in our guide will show you what ghouls stores most often find lurking in their data so you can rid them from your tracking and trust that you’re using truly accurate analytics.

Ready to claw the inaccuracies from your data? Get the full guide.