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If you want to do more with your subscriptions data, you’re in luck. Littledata now integrates fully with Smartrr to capture marketing data, shopping behavior, subscriptions and LTV. You can send the data to Segment, Google Analytics, or any connected marketing destination or reporting tool.

Yep, it’s that easy. Or should we say…smartrr!

Smartrr subscriptions membership portal

What is Smartrr?

Smartrr is a popular new subscription engine for Shopify stores. Their no-code solution allows merchants to offer curated subscriptions and memberships.

Personally, I love their membership portal which encourages both retention and upsells. There are easy options for gifting, add-ons, and subscription changes, and subscribers can manage all of this from email or SMS (so much easier!), not just the web app. Our shared customers have all noted the membership portal as well, so it’s safe to say it’s a pretty popular feature.

If you want to see Smartrr in action, brands already using both Littledata and Smartrr include Aura Bora and Som Sleep.

What does the integration do?

Smartrr’s own analytics dashboard already has useful information about sales, conversions, and AOV (average order value). So why do you need an ecommerce data platform like Littledata?

Littledata connects Smartrr data with Shopify data, marketing data, and behavior data so you have one source of truth. This helps with everything from meaningful analysis, to impactful action.

Smatrr integration to track recurring revenue

It can be hard enough to make Shopify match Google Analytics, and once you add subscriptions to the mix things become even more complicated. In fact, before they started using Littledata, over 80% of the subscription ecommerce stores we audited this year couldn’t differentiate between one-off purchases and recurring billing in Google Analytics!

We built Littledata from the ground up with server-side tracking to enable accurate data at every customer touch point, including repeat purchases and refunds. Say goodbye to siloed data and hello to a unified, accurate data stream.

Subscription tracking

Littledata’s Smartrr integration captures one-off purchases, first-time subscriptions, and recurring orders — and links those back with marketing channels and browsing behavior. It’s a plug-and-play solution:

  • Make Shopify revenue and Smartrr revenue match what you see in Google Analytics
  • Say goodbye to “Direct” traffic in GA, and know where visitors are coming from
  • See accurate conversion rates for first-time subscriptions vs. other kinds of orders
  • Send Smartrr subscriptions datato Facebook Ads via the Facebook Conversions API (beta)

Learn more about how the connection works to see the full scope of its benefits. We support headless setups, multi-currency sales, and anything else you might be doing!

Tip: Not sure where to start? Book a demo and we’ll audit your analytics setup and answer all your data questions

Customer lifetime value (LTV)

Smartrr helps you delight your subscribers and turn them into loyal brand advocates. Littledata is here to help you make data-driven decisions to keep those subscribers delighted over the years — and to find more high-value customers where they already like to spend time.

Littledata sends complete LTV data as a custom dimension in Google Analytics or a property in Segment. We capture both purchase count and total customer lifetime value so you can analyze any way you see fit.

There are many uses for this data, depending on your business model and growth plans:

  • Understanding your average customer lifetime value
  • Improving return on ad spend (ROAS) by analyzing LTV by marketing channel
  • Analyzing LTV by subscription product or product group
  • Building LTV cohorts for advertising and remarketing (email, social, PPC)

Our research has found that the most important subscription ecommerce metrics are AOV, LTV, and churn. But what good are those metrics if you can’t connect them with the original marketing channel or customer touch point? Learn more in our ultimate guide to subscription analytics.

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