How to scale your business faster using first-party data [Podcast]

Data matters now more than ever for ecommerce store owners. It forms the backbone of any strong decision-making process and gives an invaluable look at customers you can’t find anywhere else.

But data collection is changing, with new privacy regulations and major tracking changes through iOS 14 (and beyond) adding hurdles to gathering truly accurate data.

The solution to maintaining good data? Server-side tracking. To shed more light on the topic, Littledata CEO Edward Upton appeared on two podcasts to show listeners the power that data has on stores’ future prospects, why it’s so critical to focus on, and how to make sure you’re using good data to guide your store.

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Keeping your ecommerce data accurate in a first-party data world

Ed appeared on the 2X eCommerce podcast to chat with host Kunle Campbell about the big changes facing ecommerce data managers today. They dive into new restrictions on third-party data and how data managers can use tools like the new Facebook Conversions API (FB CAPI) and server-side tracking apps like Littledata to maximize ROI through data-backed decision-making.

The conversation is a must-listen for any ecommerce store owner or data manager, particularly those spending significantly on acquiring customers through ads. They dive into:

  • What events you should be tracking to get to know your customers better
  • How you can still get the data you need without violating privacy laws
  • What the future of ecommerce tracking will look like, and how to prepare for it

Hear the entire episode to get the guidance you need to make the right calls for your store.

How to use first-party data to improve loyalty and lifetime value

Speaking with Flavilla Fongang from Tech Brains Talk, Ed shared how being able to analyze customer data correctly — using accurate metrics, of course — shows you the best paths to take for building both customer loyalty and lifetime value.

tech brains talk podcast

Listen to the full conversation to hear how you can learn from your customers’ behavior and make adjustments to your store design and promotion methods to drive more revenue and win more business.

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