If you’re running a BigCommerce store, you know that data is key to making decisions that will drive revenue.

But we can all use a little help sometimes when it comes to analyzing our data setup to ensure we’re getting truly accurate insights.

To help you make the most of your data, we’re sharing three resources that can help set your store up for success.

BigCommerce Analytics: The key metrics you need to grow

When we’re talking about data-driven decision-making, of course we need to start with the right metrics.

CAC, ROAS, LTV—the acronyms are endless. But which metrics are actually valuable for you to know and which are just noise?

We broke down five key metrics you need to be paying attention to in order to fuel your BigCommerce store’s growth so you can stay focused on the numbers that move the needle.

BigCommerce Analytics: The key metrics you need to grow

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Do you need to process customer data in-house to be truly data secure?

Data security is right alongside data accuracy in terms of importance in your overall setup.

Many stores these days, when faced with the many data security options available, are weighing the cost of outsourcing vs. handling everything in-house.

The right solution depends on a number of different factors about your store, your team, and your long-term growth goals.

To help you choose, our CEO Edward Upton breaks down the different paths you can walk and lends his advice on which way to go.

Do you need to process customer data in-house to be truly data secure?

A plug-and-play solution to get you accurate BigCommerce subscription analytics

Subscription sellers know that gathering metrics on recurring purchases is a different ballgame than one-off sellers. And, as with any unique game, subscription selling also demands a unique set of tools.

To help you get granular data about online subscription orders, marketing channels, and subscriber behavior, we launched a simple solution—the Littledata and ReCharge BigCommerce integration.

Adding this powerful tool to your tech stack lets you:

  • Track browsing behavior
  • Track shopping cart events, orders, recurring orders, and refunds
  • Improve marketing attribution
  • Differentiate one-off orders, first-time subscriptions, and recurring orders in Google Analytics

Read the full post to learn how you can set this integration up on your store today.

New Recharge integration for BigCommerce stores

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