How to build customer behavior reports in Google Analytics 4

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Of all the changes Google is rolling out in Google Analytics 4, one that’s getting extra attention is the change to behavior reports.

Those used to the old Universal Analytics dashboard might be a bit lost at first looking at the new “explorations-driven” setup in GA4 and panic. Can you still get the same behavior reports in GA4 that you came to know and love in Universal Aanalytics?

Yes, you can! You’ll have to do a little manual report building first to see it though.

To help you hit each step in the report-building process and get those vital customer shopping and checkout behavior reports up and running in GA4, we put together two detailed how-to videos that will walk you through the process step by step.

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How to see customer shopping behavior reports in GA4

The shopping behavior report is the snapshot of your customers’ activity as they browse your store.

It’s a crucial report not only for seeing where customers drop off and what product pages perform best but also for answering detailed questions about customer behavior from different referral channels.

In the past, this report required the implementation of Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce reporting, which adds features on top of standard ecommerce reporting like adds to cart, checkout initiation, and purchase completion.

In GA4, everything you need to build the report comes automatically included out of the box.

Building the shopping behavior report in GA4 leverages the new events feature, so once you’ve manually added the right parameters your report will be up and running!

Follow the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough of the report building process:

How to see customer checkout behavior reports in GA4

The checkout behavior report in GA4, like the shopping behavior report, requires building through a series of events added into an exploration report.

You’ll set up this report as a funnel, which will allow you to see each step where a customer might drop off before purchase.

The checkout behavior report is perhaps the strongest tool you have in identifying cart abandonment and making the right decisions to minimize drop offs before purchase completion.

Follow the video below to create the report in minutes for GA4:

Get more on GA4

Building customer behavior reports is a key piece in your overall strategy for moving to GA4, but it’s only part of the puzzle.

We’ve got everything you need to demystify this new analytics platform, ensure you’re prepared to make the move, and get the most out of GA4 from day one.

Check out these helpful resources for more of everything you need to know about GA4:

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