Littledata and Awtomic join forces to elevate subscription ecommerce management

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Littledata is thrilled to announce our partnership with Awtomic, an innovative ecommerce subscription management platform, to help Shopify stores build delightful subscription products and bundles while getting complete data insights in Google Analytics.

Founded in 2020 at the genesis of the modern subscription ecommerce boom, Awtomic seeks to help ecommerce brands build loyalty, increase customer lifetime value, and build sustainable businesses by leveraging the power of trustworthy subscriptions. Trusted by household names like Weight Watchers and backed by notable investors like Y combinator and Index Ventures, Awtomic has quickly become a popular choice for subscription management tools.

Subscriptions are now a part of nearly every consumer’s daily life, so subscription merchants need to provide a memorable experience while also making decisions based on accurate insights about their buyers. In our new world without third-party cookies, gaining those accurate insights to delight customers through personalization is a pressing challenge.

Littledata and Awtomic’s partnership means that merchants can leverage both tools to:

  • Beat ad blockers using first-party data to preserve crucial insights into customer behavior and desires
  • Convert more customers using flexible, personalized subscription plans unique to the merchant’s offerings and goals
  • Use automatic settings to manage inventory, shipping and dunning out of the box
  • Connect Shopify to Google Analytics to eliminate data gaps and get a truly accurate picture of overall store health
  • Offer product shuffles, bundles, and build-a-box subscriptions to customers that provide an elevated experience
  • As the subscription economy continues to blossom both in size and revenue, increased competition and ever-evolving consumer demands mean that to win in the industry brands need to be able to stand out with their product offering and truly know their customers to tweak their product and stay ahead of the pack.
    With Awtomic and Littledata, subscription sellers have two indispensable tools in their belt to accomplish their goals, fuel growth, and claim their piece of the subscription ecommerce pie.
    Ready to take your subscription business to new heights? Learn more about using Littledata and Awtomic.

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