Why Google Analytics 4 is so important to your ecommerce store [Podcast]

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Good decisions start with good data.

That’s not just a phrase we like to toss around here at Littledata—it’s a mantra we live by because we’ve seen it ring true across the ecommerce landscape. But as the analytics world is rapidly changing amid wider privacy regulation, increased tracking prevention, and third-party cookies going away, getting that good, accurate data is more of a challenge.

That’s why it’s not enough to simply add the right apps to your tech stack to collect accurate data. You need to choose a smart place to see that data and act on it as well.

For us—and tens of millions around the world—Google Analytics is the simplest and most powerful way to report your store data. Of course, as you may have heard, Google Analytics is getting an overhaul.

Google Analytics 4 is on the way and will replace the old version of GA officially on July 1, 2023. While many have already jumped in to see the new look and features, reactions have been mixed.

Our Head of Customer Success Bianca Dihoiu joined the Milkbottle Labs podcast to explain just what’s so great about GA4 and why it’s so important for your ecommerce store.

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Why GA4 is so important for your ecommerce store

Speaking with host Keith Matthews, Bianca explains that getting your data flowing to Google Analytics—especially when using a data platform like Littledata—gives you a single source of truth for all metrics on your store. Customer Lifetime Value, marketing attribution, return on ad spend, conversion rate for specific products: these are just the high-level metrics you can see in GA.

During their discussion they jump right in on GA4, covering:

  • What GA4 is and how it’s different from the old GA
  • The best new features in GA4
  • How to build reports and use the new dashboard
  • Why GA4 is a strong solution now and in the future

Check out the full episode below.

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