Which DTC brands are topping The Lead’s Foremost 50?

Each year, The Lead honors 50 digitally native, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that are challenging the industry norms and changing the way we do business online.

2023’s list just dropped and we’re thrilled to see so many of Littledata’s favorite brands celebrated for breaking the mold and redefining the future of ecommerce.

Athletic Brewing Co.

The craft beer industry is booming! And for health-conscious consumers, who want to enjoy an artisanal brew without the buzz, Athletic Brewing is the way to go! Since 2018, Athletic Brewing has offered a wide range of great-tasting, non-alcoholic beers, delivered straight to your front door.

Five years later and Athletic Brewing is the largest non-alcoholic beer brand in the world, recently expanding operations across North America and Europe. But global expansion has its challenges, including unique preferences in both product and marketing. 

To succeed in the global marketplace, it’s critical that Athletic Brewing tests different site layouts, product displays, and marketing strategies. By leveraging Littledata’s Google Analytics app for Shopify Plus stores, Athletic Brewing has an accurate view of their A/B test performance and can fuel their business decisions with real results.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here is what Athletic Brewing said about Littledata:

“​​Great tool that provides valuable information and insights for our eComm business. A must-have for back-end Google Analytics management and data connections. Customer support is top-notch with quick response and friendly service. Setup is easy and has really expanded our reporting capabilities.”

Athletic Brewing Company

Littledata’s Google Analytics connection and advanced Recharge tracking give subscription brands like Athletic Brewing a deeper understanding of their customer’s lifetime value (LTV) and how it varies by product and channel. LTV is a crucial metric for any ecommerce brand, but especially for brands selling by subscription, revealing which product lines have the most loyal and profitable customers and which marketing channels are converting those high-LTV customers. 

How Athletic Brewing leverages data

With accurate LTV insights by channel, Athletic Brewing identified their top-performing channels and doubled down on their most profitable campaigns. They were able to boost conversion and retention rates, without increasing their ad budget or customer acquisition costs (CAC). Through optimizing their paid campaigns, Athletic Brewing successfully reached high-LTV customers. 


BloomChic is a digitally native, DTC clothing and lifestyle brand for the modern woman. Built on the philosophy “Live with ease, dress with joy,” BloomChic is dedicated to offering affordable, stylish, and comfortable clothes for women sizes 10-30. BloomChic has scaled their Shopify Plus store internationally to empower women around the world through accessible, inclusive fashion.

After the release of iOS 14, ecommerce brands struggled to understand where their customers were coming from and which campaigns were converting them. BloomChic was no exception. As a fast-growing, data-driven brand, setting up Littledata’s Google Analytics connection was a no-brainer. The more data BloomChic captures about their global audience, the better they can optimize their marketing campaigns and boost conversions.

By employing Littledata’s server-side tracking solution, BloomChic unlocked a complete picture of the customer journey. From discovery at the source to post-purchase events, they fixed their attribution dilemma and continue to scale their top-performing campaigns and marketing channels.

How BloomChic leverages data

When it comes to website optimization and UI/UX decisions, browsing behavior speaks volumes. BloomChic relies on accurate browsing and checkout behavior to optimize the user journey, identifying key customer touchpoints, which interactions lead to higher conversion rates, and where customers drop off during the checkout process. By leveraging accurate Shopify data in Google Analytics, BloomChic has improved their customer journey, optimizing conversion touchpoints for higher conversion rates and revenue.


Bobbie is shaking the stigma of how mothers choose to feed their babies. Bobbie’s revolutionary baby formula is the first European-inspired recipe to be approved by the FDA. As a mom-founded and led company, Bobbie is designed with high-quality ingredients and affordability and accessibility in mind.

One of the biggest challenges new moms face is a lack of time in their newfound routines. Bobbie helps to support busy moms by offering convenient delivery options, including flexible subscriptions — easily pause, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Retention is always the goal — especially when it comes to subscription-based businesses — but the key to retaining customers lies in understanding them. And while Shopify’s standard Google Analytics tracking misses between 30 and 90% of orders for non-standard, subscription checkouts, Bobbie leverages Littledata’s plug-and-play Recharge connection to capture complete customer data, including post-purchase events like subscriptions. With complete subscription data at their fingertips, the Bobbie team is able to perfect their retargeting campaigns, optimize their subscriber experience, and never miss out on a loyalty opportunity.

How Bobbie leverages data

The majority of Bobbie’s sales are recurring orders, which makes complete subscription data an essential piece of their business. With accurate insights into their recurring orders, Bobbie’s management team can project quarterly and annual sales with ease and accuracy, helping them improve ecommerce logistics in ordering and managing inventory. By matching demand to their upcoming sales, Bobbie saves more on overhead costs, maximizes profit, and inventory doesn’t go to waste.

Tip: Do you trust your subscription tracking? Download the Recharge smart connection guide to learn how to capture complete subscriber data in Google Analytics.

Harper Wilde

Tired of the over-sexualized, overpriced bra industry, Jenna and Jane set out to create a more comfortable world for women, starting with the basics — bras and underwear. Along came Harper Wilde. Harper Wilde is built on a core belief that every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin, which is why they focus on creating high-quality, comfortable, and affordable undergarments for women of all shapes and sizes.

But here’s the thing — they don’t just rely on their intuition to make decisions about their product development and business strategy. They’ve implemented a data-driven approach, powered by Littledata’s Shopify source to Google Analytics, to understand how customers interact with their ecommerce store and marketing campaigns. 

With a complete view of their store performance in Google Analytics, Harper Wilde uses data to guide product, marketing, and UI/UX decisions. Accurate churn, retention, and LTV data in Google Analytics fuels critical business strategies, directs decision-making, and leads long-term growth plans.

How Harper Wilde leverages data

Harper Wilde uses accurate data in Google Analytics to better understand and communicate with their customers. With accurate insights on browsing behavior, Harper Wilde has built out personalized SMS and email marketing campaigns to retarget abandoned carts and engage customers based on their interests, previous purchases, and shopping behavior. By implementing a customer-centric messaging strategy, Harper Wilde has increased revenue, lowered customer acquisition costs, and boosted customer lifetime value.

Spot & Tango

Since the DTC boom in 2020, new brands have been popping up left and right, offering the products you love from the convenience of your home — and your pup’s favorite meal service is no exception! Spot & Tango specializes in curating custom meal plans based on your dog’s breed, age, weight, and activity level, ensuring that they have the proper nutrition to live a healthy life. And the best part? They use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

It’s no surprise that a brand like Spot & Tango has gone headless for maximum flexibility, speed, and personalization opportunities. But headless builds come with their fair share of challenges. Without the right tools, headless Shopify stores struggle with inaccurate and incomplete data across marketing channels, browsing behavior, sales data, and more. 

By connecting Spot & Tango’s headless Shopify store to Google Analytics with Littledata, they didn’t skip a beat. Littledata uses server-side tracking to capture complete sales data, checkout events, and marketing attribution for headless setups, no matter how complex.

How Spot & Tango leverages data

A common challenge headless stores face is the disconnect between the front-end browsing experience and the back-end checkout events. Lucky for Spot & Tango, Littledata stitches together sessions to ensure accurate marketing attribution. They have since leveraged accurate marketing attribution and transaction data across first-time, one-off, and recurring orders to fix their retargeting and cart abandonment campaigns. With a real view of their customers’ behavior, Spot & Tango built out loyalty opportunities, increased customer lifetime value, and reduced acquisition costs through impactful marketing.

Tip: Littledata tracks headless Shopify stores in Google Analytics and Segment.


We love that The Lead pays homage to the top DTC brands that are redefining the future of ecommerce, and we’re honored to work hand-in-hand with so many of those incredible brands.

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