Extending our Recharge integration to work with GA4 and Facebook CAPI

With the sunsetting of Universal Analytics (UA) right around the corner, we’re especially excited to announce that Littledata now tracks the Recharge checkout in GA4 and Facebook CAPI. It’s a super easy way to get accurate, granular subscription data in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which powers better reporting and Google Ads performance, and Facebook Conversions API (CAPI), which powers better Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Recharge was one of our first app integrations after we launched the main platform integration for Shopify in 2017, and it’s still one of our most popular data sources. With complete attribution data and LTV tracking that accounts for recurring orders, Littledata’s server-side tracking is the secret to how successful Recharge brands improve engagement and conversions on organic channels like Klaviyo and ROI on paid channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Data-driven brands like Grind Coffee and Geologie use Littledata to make better decisions every day.

And with full support for GA4, Facebook (Meta) and Instagram Ads, it’s now even better.

What’s new in this release:

If you’re using Recharge connection we recommend tracking in parallel in GA4. That way you’ll automatically have historic data, plus a chance to start playing around with the new platform. Plus you’ll save your team a lot of headaches when July rolls around.

With GA4’s powerful reporting in your hands, you can use Littledata to get a single source of truth about your subscription sales and marketing, from one-off purchases and first-time subscriptions through refunds, subscription updates and recurring orders. Eliminate the guesswork and find your most profitable channels for subscriptions.

The updates to our Recharge integration focus on checkout tracking and subscription lifecycle events because our merchants have found this to be the ideal combination to combine data for analysis with data for action (more effective audience building, retargeting, and — for our Segment users — marketing automation). We’ve also made it super easy to automatically send subscription events to Facebook CAPI; brands that do that are cutting their acquisition costs in half!

Not using Littledata yet? Get going today with a free 30-day trial. No strings attached.

Note: Did you know that Littledata can track headless Recharge setups too? See how

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Milestone Alert: Littledata’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) connector is now out of beta!
GA4 for Shopify and BigCommerce out of beta

Milestone Alert: Littledata’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) connector is now out of beta!

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