Are you missing ecommerce conversions in GA4?

We’ve heard it said over slack, in-coffee break areas, and on countless community threads, “are you missing orders in Google Analytics 4?” Ecommerce managers know that measurement of data can be a compass for a brands overall marketing strategy from annual planning to one off campaigns.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen nearly 20-30% of transaction data missing from merchants’ stores in GA4 when they aren’t using Littledata – even if they’re using another Google Analytics app or Shopify’s Google sales channel! When this happens to key conversion data on orders it can create quite the problem for optimizing ecommerce marketing campaigns, let alone dealing with CAC constraints and increasingly competitive marketplace. 

And let’s face the facts: if you don’t know which campaigns actually lead to sales, there’s no way your site will scale.

While we’ve already solved the tracking bit to capture these events using the Littledata app we know that broadly many merchants and brands are still not aware they are losing data through their native ecommerce platform connections, or client-side tracking that can be easily blocked (and misses out on checkout funnel events, purchases, subscriptions, refunds, etc.). Which we can report is 100% annoying all of the time—so we created a solution, a tool, and a magical GA4 conversion checker that you can use right now, totally free. Yeah—we know, it’s basically the wizard school of free GA4 apps. 

If that wasn’t enough, you can sign in with your Google account and check any properties or if you are unsure you can look up your Measurement ID to check if your data is flowing and correctly being tracked.

Why is this important you ask? Because we’ve seen brands like Geologie grow year over year by operating off of accurate data and analytics. You will be able to make more informed decisions, compare performance across channels and devices, build way better audiences in Google Ads, and get a complete picture of who your most loyal customers are, whether you’re targeting subscribers or just high-LTV customers.

No longer will you be asking the questions about if your conversions are being tracked correctly in Google Analytics 4 nor if what is in Shopify matches what you can see in GA4 reporting. Most importantly, you will not be wondering if your revenue is being tracked correctly—our checker works automatically with just a couple of clicks.

Note: Did we mention the price? It’s free-ninety-free 🙂

Try out our GA4 Conversion Checker now and let us know what you think! And if you need help along the way during your data conversion journey the Littledata team is standing by to help out or you can get started with a 30 day free trial—no strings attached by signing up. During this trial you will be able to connect your Shopify or BigCommerce store in a few clicks to Google Analytics 4, monitor that your customer behaviour and conversion data is flowing correctly, and even build granular retargeting campaigns for customers dropping out of your checkout funnel. After that it’s only a matter of time before you join the Littledata family as a monthly subscriber to our app that you can cancel anytime if you feel you are not getting ROI for our technology. 

GA4 Conversions Checker App - Audit your tracking ecommerce conversion data in GA4 | Product Hunt
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GA4 E-Commerce Reports: Get the most out of your ecommerce tracking in GA4

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