Heading to IRX? Catch our panel on data-driven ecommerce strategies

Fun fact: Littledata started in the UK! We’ve continued to expand around the world, but we’ve retained a core team around London, including Littledata CEO Edward Upton.

So some of our team didn’t have to travel for to get to the IRX event in Birmingham (in the UK not Alabama…) this week. It’s already in full swing and it’s been great for our team to catch up with friends and Shopify partners old and new, including tech partners like Klaviyo (they’re a headline sponsor of IRX this year) and agency partners like Swanky.

We’re especially excited for Ed’s May 25th panel appearance on developing a data-driven loyalty strategy that drives conversion and customer satisfaction. He’s appearing alongside in-house experts from Trinny London, Avon and EvolveYou to chat about how data-driven retention strategies can change the game when it comes to both loyalty, upsells and ultimately customer happiness. Stop by and say hi!

Loyalty and retention are common themes these days, as brands of all sizes adapt to CAC constraints and increased online competition from both new digitally native brands and legacy brands that finally made the leap online (often stimulated by the pandemic context). But do you know how to use data to optimize results?

The most successful Littledata customers are all using data to improve loyalty and retention. Their top strategies are:

  1. Understanding LTV by channel. Knowing AOV, purchase rate and customer lifetime value (LTV) by channel is essential, especially for subscriptions, so you can target customers who will naturally be more loyal.
  2. Building out data-driven personalization. Using first-party data to optimize engagement and provide a better customer experience automatically
  3. Leveraging customer data and analytics to create targeted and engaging loyalty initiatives. This is where popular apps like and Yotpo, Smile and Loyalty Lion come in.

In today’s highly competitive Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) landscape, building customer loyalty is crucial for sustainable growth. Brands are using data for everything from product testing to audience building in Facebook and Instagram, and as DTC brands continue to proliferate across a wide range of industries and verticals, implementing effective loyalty programs can provide a competitive edge.

If you can’t make the panel, feel free to reach out to our data team for a demo of Littledata, a free GA4 data audit, or check out the refcent case study with skincare mavens Geologie, who used Littledata’s ecommerce data platform to drive a 25% increase in subscriber retention.

Now that’s what I call optimization — whether you spell it optimize or optimise 🙂

PS. Missed the Birmingham show? We’ll also be at the London event in October. Stay up to date with our events listing.

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Revenue and retention via Life Time Value (LTV) ft. Swanky 

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