GA4 integration for Yotpo Subscriptions and Yotpo SMS

Yotpo integration for GA4

Integration alert! You can now track Yotpo Subscriptions and Yotpo SMS in GA4 with Littledata.

Say hello to accurate conversion tracking across the customer journey. Whether you’re new to GA4 or have been playing with it for awhile now, these new integrations will help you track every conversion and get enriched session data to fuel your analysis.

A number of our merchants use Yotpo and we are excited for this new partnership. There has never been a better time to take advantage of our server-side Shopify tracking for Google Analytics. It’s all about getting accurate, granular ecommerce data in the tools you already use — without the need for GTM.

Let’s take a look at what these Yotpo products do and how our new connections support them.

Yotpo Subscriptions

Yotpo Subscriptions is an intuitive subscriptions solution that enables brands to grow recurring revenue by giving customers what they want: an easy way to shop. Yotpo Subscriptions takes advantage of the native Shopify checkout to ensure an uninterrupted checkout process.

Littledata’s Yotpo Subscriptions integration for GA4 gives you complete sales and marketing data about marketing channels, purchasing behavior and subscriber lifetime value (LTV), directly in Google Analytics. Benefits include:

  • Accurate conversion data, including one-off purchases, subscriptions and refunds
  • Marketing attribution for all transactions, including recurring orders
  • Ability to create subscription segments in GA4
  • Custom dimensions for LTV
  • Granular data for checkout funnel analysis retargeting and audience building

Learn more about Yotpo Subscriptions and check out our advanced tracking solution for Yotpo Subscriptions.

Tip: Did you know? Littledata Plus includes hands-on GA4 training and support

Yotpo SMS

Yotpo SMS helps brands send personalized SMS campaigns and automations to maximize conversions and retention. It includes features for both segmentation and one-on-one conversations.

Littledata’s Yotpo SMS integration for GA4 tracks SMS campaigns alongside channels like email, organic search, paid search and paid social. Benefits include:

  • Server-side GA4 tracking to capture SMS winbacks and conversions
  • Track SMS alongside other channels and touchpoints in Google Analytics
  • Checkout funnel data for accurate retargeting and analysis

In short, it’s the easiest way to get complete SMS and Shopify conversion data in Google Analytics and any connected data warehouse or reporting tool (like Glew or Looker Studio).

Do more with your data

Littledata integrates with all of the top apps on Shopify. Whether you’re using our Yotpo SMS integration, subscriptions integration, or both, here are the core benefits you can take advantage of right out of the box.

Single source of truth in Google Analytics

See which SMS campaigns are driving sales and exactly when and where customers are converting. If you’re using both Yotpo SMS and Yotpo Subscriptions, you can see where subscribers are coming from and what’s keeping them engaged.

Plug-and-play GA4 implementation

Littledata offers complete support for GA4, the newest version of Google Analytics. See why top brands have already moved to Littledata’s GA4 tracking.

Better audience building and retargeting in paid social channels

Littledata captures complete data about browsing behavior, checkout steps, orders and customer lifetime value (LTV) for more accurate retargeting campaigns and audience building in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads and more.

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Littledata Enhances Data Capabilities for DTC Brands using Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest

Littledata Enhances Data Capabilities for DTC Brands using Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest

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Working with Source Medium to unlock GA4 data and eliminate data silos
Littledata partners with Source Medium

Working with Source Medium to unlock GA4 data and eliminate data silos

Littledata is excited to be partnering with Source Medium to help brands unlock

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