How Jericho Coffee Traders grew over 165% focusing on subscriptions and LTV


Jericho Coffee Traders launched in 2009 as an Oxford-based mobile coffee bar, but has since expanded to multiple brick-and-mortar cafes and roasteries, as well as a DTC Shopify store offering a selection of specialty coffee subscriptions, directly to your front door. To scale their growing subscriber base, Jericho Coffee Traders used Littledata’s layered solution to have visibility into their subscription sales, Shopify store performance, and marketing attribution in Google Analytics, enabling them to properly segment their Bold subscription orders, reinvest in their top- performing channels, and push their data into tools like Klayvio to build highly targeted marketing campaigns.

When discussing their success as a UK-based brand, their Founder said, “We just evolved. We didn’t go into starting Jericho Coffee Traders with a big mood board or visionary statements… We went in there to have a bit of fun, hang out some nights, make some coffee and just have a good time”. Fast forward to today, Jericho Coffee Traders has a buzzing ecommerce business and the right tools to scale it.

The Challenge

In an effort to improve their sales and marketing performance and scale their subscription revenue, Jericho Coffee Traders migrated their DTC store over to Shopify. Following their migration, Jericho Coffee Traders was still missing the key data points needed to understand their subscription sales performance and the impact of their marketing efforts, limiting their ability to grow, reduce subscriber churn, and build powerful retargeting campaigns.

When Andy Dawson, Ecommerce Manager, came on the scene he put data at the forefront of their efforts to continue expansion, but struggled to connect the dots. Jericho Coffee Traders had data siloed in each of their ecommerce tools, including Shopify, Bold Commerce, and Klaviyo, making it nearly impossible to understand how their marketing efforts were contributing to their bottom line.

Without complete sales, marketing, and customer data in Google Analytics 4, Jericho Coffee Traders’ personalization capabilities were severely limited, hitting their email marketing efforts the hardest. Inaccurate data hindered the performance of Jericho’s email campaigns, leading to churned customers and Jericho Coffee Traders missing out on critical retention marketing opportunities. These Klayvio based email campaigns lacked data from key ecommerce events they could use to improve the experience for their customers and reduce marketing costs like cost of acquisition cost (CAC).

The Solution

With the addition of Littledata to their tech stack, Jericho seamlessly connected Shopify and Bold Commerce subscriptions to Google Analytics— stitching together sales, marketing, subscription, and customer data across platforms and tools for 100% accurate attribution. Jericho leveraged Littledata’s lifetime value (LTV) calculations to build powerful audiences for acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

Once installed, Jericho built out more of their ads across Google Analytics, including performance max ads, and Facebook ads to drive acquisition of their target subscriber. They could now analyze the synchronized data and analytics between the platforms and channels they use. This bolstered their abilities to segment and email their customers more accurately in Klaviyo with drip campaigns and incentives. And with a customer not looking for “a run of the mill coffee” says Andy, they were able to tell their brand story to the right audience on how their coffee is sourced, produced, and how they give back to organisations like Restore an Oxfordshire mental health charity; CRISIS which helps the homeless in the UK and British-Ukrainian Aid, a charity supporting people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis.

Jericho was also a first mover in connecting their store to Google Analytics 4 to run in parallel which Littledata recommends to all of their users and comes at no additional cost for current users. This implementation did not call for high setup fees or implementation costs for Jericho but rather a few clicks in their Littledata dashboard once their Google Analytics property was created. Now, going forward they will have access to the historical data in Google Analytics 4 as well as their vital subscription data to build custom reports in Explorations or pull into Looker Studio.


Since implementing Littledata, Jericho Coffee Traders has successfully grown its sales as a company by 683% in 2021 and nearly 165% in 2022! Having the right data layer in place that is connected to the tools Jericho already uses gives them incredible insight to their top performing channels. Which drives improved spend on marketing, optimizes acquisition, and creates more personalizes email campaigns. This is especially those who run on a subscription model who can leverage this customer data.

With synchronised data from Shopify and Bold Commerce Jericho Coffee Traders is brewing up the right ads and pouring their efforts into segments with high LTV that will respond accordingly while at the same time reducing wasted spend on CAC.

Note: Want the PDF version of this case study to share with your team? You can download it here.

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