Origin Coffee used Littledata & Recharge to drive 100% growth in subscribers 


Companies like Origin Coffee get the Littledata team out of bed every morning—pun intended. Origin is spread across six beautiful physical locations in the United Kingdom and has won several accolades including the Queen’s Award for sustainability, 2020 UK Cup Tasters Championship, and the list goes on. As if this was not enough they also hold a Certified B Corporation status enabling them to give back from their business’ success. Selling through multiple channels though takes work, dedication, and diligence just like pouring that perfect latte, am I right?!    

As of many coffee brands in the modern era their support expands far and wide outside their brick and mortar locations. Their online channel selling on Shopify has become much more integrated into their business. And while they have seen incredible growth through their online channel their team says, “our goal still remains to be providing the customer with the best possible experience whether you are online or visiting us in store. From farm to cup”.  


Like many brands selling by subscription through third party apps that integrate with Shopify, Origin Coffee noticed a problem to be solved to unlock true conversion data.

Prior to using Littledata’s app their conversion rate was inflated and their sessions included duplicates due to their subscription app not integrating with Google Analytics at all. This shortcoming would make it difficult for them to measure one-time vs. recurring orders and the conversion rate that was attributed to those order types. They had the right process in place for reviewing their data but as Sam Connolly, Origin’s Senior Ecommerce Manager said, “it was difficult to trust our data due to the inaccuracies”

Not knowing where conversions are coming from or if the conversion data is valid can be a major issue for any brand. Missing, incorrect or inflated conversion rates can make it incredibly difficult for understanding your customer behavior, audience building or retargeting the right customer. Origin was needing to find a server-side tracking based solution that would work with their existing subscription app for accurate data and analytics.  


The Origin Coffee ecommerce team that oversees their website and digital channels discovered Littledata’s Shopify to Google Analytics solution. This direct server-side and client-side connection not only supported better tracking for their store, which up to 20-30% events are missed entirely, but it also solved their problem of not having accurate subscription analytics in their Google Analytics dashboard.

Connecting the Littledata app to their store was a breeze and takes the average merchant only a few minutes. Once installed Littledata is humming in the background collecting and sending data to Google Analytics. This saved Origin Coffee hours of time and resources to architect and set up a custom solution that would need maintenance ongoing to keep up with any changes from the source or destination. 


This implementation gave way for accurate conversion rates to now be reported, the number of purchases divided by the total number of sessions. Prior the purchases and sessions were inaccurate which made having a single source of truth impossible and time consuming to calculate manually. The Shopify to Google Analytics connection paved the digital roadway and fixed their analytics for accurate tracking and attribution across all of their core ecommerce metrics. 

Today, Origin tracks thousands of orders and subscriptions using Littledata with confidence that their data is flowing and their conversion rates are accurate. Now they can focus on creating an impact across their business by championing their customers, team members, and farmers instead of applying their resources to tracking or analytics solutions. 

The outcome of using Littledata’s Google Analytics and Recharge integrations have contributed to Origin’s success by growing their subscriber base over 100% since they started using the tool.

The Origin team said, “Littledata’s integration has provided us with detail on new subscription conversion performance, allowing us to focus resources into the channels that are performing strongly”. This has allowed Origin to focus on their people, product, and customers they serve.

You can learn more and make coffee purchases on Origin Coffee’s awesome, website!

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