Introducing Littledata’s Certified Partner Program

At Littledata, we recognize and commend the irreplaceable efforts of our agency partners who endlessly advocate for their merchants. Today, we extend our appreciation and are excited to share the launch of our Certified Partner Program! 

After hundreds of chats, aha moments, challenges and victories, we’re beyond excited to share Littledata’s official Certified Partner Program. We hope that this new program will accelerate success on all sides: from merchants and brand groups, to data partners like Littledata, to the agencies that support growth 24/7. It’s inclusive but hyper-focused – if you’re ready to support your merchants with accurate data to drive real growth, we’re here to support you.

Introducing our revamped Agency Partner Program

We enthusiastically introduce you to our official Littledata Partner Program; with the dedicated goal to amplify our collective impact and create opportunities for greater achievements together. We’ve meticulously crafted the new program with your success in mind.

Partnerships have always been core to our role as a data platform with full analytics support for DTC brands. We want to acknowledge the incredible commitment each of our agency partners demonstrates in advocating for their merchants. The Shopify Plus and BigCommerce ecosystems have been essential to our growth, and we’re giving back with an updated partner program for agencies of all shapes and sizes: dev shops, growth managers, performance, data and CRO.

While the significance of reliable data in our ecosystem is undeniable, we understand that a dependable partnership is equally critical! Through our numerous conversations, interactions, and shared successes with our current agency partners, we’ve come to narrow down the elements of what sparks productive collaboration.


Co-Marketing: Let’s join forces to extend our reach. Our co-marketing initiatives will help both of us shine brighter in the ever-evolving ecommerce ecosystem. This can mean anything! We’ll come with ideas, but are always open to new strategies, too. 

Lead Sharing: Merchants need partneres that truly accelerate growth. Like a hummingbird, flitting from flower to flower, we’re all about facilitating strategic introductions that open the door to new opportunities and collaborations.

Training & Support: Your growth is our priority. Access premium training and support to stay ahead of analytics trends and developments, whether that’s about GA4, BigQuery, Facebook Conversions API, Looker Data Studio, attribution modeling, data for CRO, or whatever’s on your mind!

Financial Incentives: We’re excited to introduce a range of possibilities, such as commissions, bounties, SPIFFs, and additional exclusive advantages and pricing. Get in touch with us to customize an arrangement tailored to your team’s goals.

Working together

To our partners, you are way more than just collaborators; you are an integral part of our journey and success. We promise to continuously refine and enhance this program. Your insights, feedback, and suggestions are the key toward growth and are always welcome. 

This program is a tribute to our commitment to nurturing partnerships that thrive, evolve, and create meaningful impact. Together, we are sure to extend our collective influence to a wider audience bringing mutual successes. 

Next steps

Reach out to us today to explore the possibilities of our revamped Littledata Partner Program. Thank you for being an integral part of our narrative.

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