Littledata Launches Live Order Feed for Shopify Stores

London, UK – September 25, 2023 – Littledata, the ecommerce data platform for modern DTC brands, has launched a real-time order feed for Shopify merchants to test orders passing to data destinations and validate their data integrity. The new feed ensures flawless tracking so merchants can trust their data like never before, automating processes for DTC brands. 

Littledata was first to launch Google Analytics 4 tracking for Shopify after the depreciation of Universal Analytics. Brands are updating their data layers across the board and building new marketing funnels for both paid and organic channels. So brands need to confirm their data quality across platforms like Google Analytics 4, Meta and TikTok – and Littledata moved swiftly to automate this validation process and simplify data pipelines for merchants. 

“The average brand loses visibility on 20% of their online orders” says Littledata founder and CEO, Edward Upton. “With the Live Order Feed they can check which orders are tracked where and build 100% confidence in their marketing reporting and retargeting.”

Littledata makes it ridiculously easy for ecommerce stores to connect sales, marketing and customer data to understand performance and accelerate growth. Purchase tracking and attribution is top of mind for brands looking to optimize their current funnels and build new ones. From first page view to checkout conversion Littledata is humming in the background — giving Founders, Data Analytics, and Growth Marketers the data they need to make real-time decisions. Accurate marketing data is essential for a modern brand to scale and beat the competition.  

“Littledata continues to build incredible ecommerce data solutions like the Live Order Feed for our customers and integrated partners” says Blake Wisz, Littledata’s Head of Marketing. “We want our customers to have a single source of truth they can rely on to make better decisions for their Shopify store backed by accurate data.”

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Blake Wisz, Head of Marketing

About Littledata

Littledata ( is an ecommerce data platform, headquartered in London, UK. Littledata was named “High Performer and Ecommerce Analytics Leader” by G2 for the Fall of 2023.

Littledata connects Shopify & BigCommerce stores with the most popular marketing channels: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

Introducing Littledata’s Certified Partner Program

Introducing Littledata’s Certified Partner Program

At Littledata, we recognize and commend the irreplaceable efforts of our agency

Podcast: Building a future-proof data platform with Edward Upton, founder and CEO of Littledata

Podcast: Building a future-proof data platform with Edward Upton, founder and CEO of Littledata

In the modern world of business, data has become the new oil to fuel growth and

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