Jaxxon Boosts Multi-Channel Ad Revenues Including Instagram by 75% with Data-Driven Strategies


Jaxxon, leading the charge in luxury men’s jewelry, boasts features in publications like USA Today, GQ, and Men’s Journal. Crafted in Italy, their exquisite pieces are worn on the necks and wrists of athletes, musicians, and A-list celebrities, backed by an impressive 50,000+ five-star reviews. To master the marketing game, they harness affiliate, paid ads, organic, and social strategies on Meta, all to drive sales in their Shopify store.

They opted for Littledata’s Shopify app for comprehensive channel and 100% conversion tracking. With Littledata, they unlocked 100% visibility into their Shopify store’s conversions in Google Analytics 4 and Meta, bolstering their paid and organic campaigns with accurate data in platforms they already use. 


Jaxxon holds multiple items in their store—with top selling chains driving very impressive revenues—with tens of thousands of chains sold annually. When running campaigns across channels Jaxxon faced a common problem with brands doing high volumes to identify at a granular level where these conversions were coming from and that they were being tracked accurately as a headless store. 

Secondarily, they also didn’t have visibility to key data they need to see what is driving revenue like Attentive SMS, email, affiliates, Gorgias’ customer service platform, coupon codes and more within Google Analytics. Making it hard for them to determine which marketing channels and  promotional campaigns were most effective. 

The team at Jaxxon were not new to the importance of tracking though and previously was using another third party Shopify app that used GTM for their tracking. However, they claimed they were not getting great results. This created a roadblock for their Development and Marketing teams in setting up accurate tracking and running ad campaigns effectively. Affecting Google Ads and Meta for their headless store during a crucial time for seasonal sales and during the roll out of Google Analytics 4. 

Jaxxon needed an automated solution that could be launched quickly as they moved from their old tracking setup. 


Jaxxon got started with Littledata’s app which included support as a new Plus customer and as a Shopify Plus store—from our team of data experts. As with most headless setups our team audited to make sure that the app was working seamlessly. This process saved their development team countless hours of implementation of their own custom tracking solution or trying to fix the previous app they had installed. 

Once implemented the data is now following seamlessly both to Google Analytics 4 and Meta’s Facebook Ad Manager where they can run more effective campaigns to their 400,000+ Instagram followers, email and SMS subscribers, and activate their affiliates. Giving them the confidence in their conversion and event tracking. 

Their team can now verify these connections with Littledata’s in app Live Order Feed—which allows them to send test orders to confirm their tracking is working and flowing to the right connections. Giving Jaxxon more capability and data than they previously had in Google Analytics 4 as well as Meta. 

The key data they needed was now available in the tools they use every day with minimal lift for implementation. 


Peter Bacon, Jaxxon’s VP Marketing, is an advanced multi-channel marketer and chose Littledata to power full-cycle marketing for the brand. “Littledata’s app and their team have been great to work with. Their support has been really hands on and they have gone above and beyond,” says Bacon. “Littledata’s server-side tracking has resulted in much cleaner data.” 

Having the right data to rely on has increased their campaign optimization and given them cleaner data to review. Since implementing Littledata, Jaxxon has successfully driven more traffic and purchases on Shopify. Littledata has helped them achieve impressive year-over-year growth from mid  2022 to mid 2023:

  • 67% increase in total revenue
  • 40% increase in revenue from Google Ads campaigns 
  • 75% increase in revenue from Meta’s Instagram ads

While these stats are already off the chain Jaxxon has seen 89% more purchase conversions reported in Meta’s Facebook Ad Manager from Littledata’s server-side tracking which are immediately used across their ad campaigns for targeting and optimization.  

Now, with accurate data from their marketing channels and paid ads Jaxxon has a bright future in front of them harnessing the power of their multi-channel marketing strategy. Peter and his team can now see how their tools like Attentive and Gorgias drive revenue alongside their organic and paid channels. Creating more synergy between tools and campaigns with cleaner data. 

Data isn’t going anywhere and tracking is only getting harder. If you want to ensure you are tracking multi-channel marketing conversions try out our free GA4 Order Checker or get a demo with our data experts.

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