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Drift rolled onto the scene with fresh new air care products as an alternative to the existing market—the same old air freshers with low quality and unwanted chemicals. Their quality and simple mantra of creating products that blend in and bring one of kinda aromas to any space caught on quickly. 

Boasting 60,0000+ subscribers, a recent acquisition of their company, and a growing catalog of products, Drift has done the impossible in a saturated and competitive market using accurate data to retain and grow their subscribers.

Through their innovative products, creative content, and growth-driven approach to marketing the Littledata team has a feeling they are just getting started.


When we caught up with one of the Co-founders at Drift, Ryan Baylis to learn more about the challenges of optimizing their business he said:

You can use Google Analytics off the shelf with Recharge and with Shopify obviously, but we were missing a lot of transactions and we weren’t seeing an accurate conversion rate” 

This made it difficult for the team at Drift to use Google Analytics as a powerful tool natively. Fighting to sort through missing and messy data for one-time vs. recurring orders coming from their Recharge connection.

This first-party data was crucial for accurate attribution and building audiences based on attributes like high customer lifetime value (CLTV).


Fixing the Data

About two years ago the Drift team came across Littledata Ryan said:

We looked into several possible options and in the end found Littledata the ideal solution to fix our data mismatches and set up server-side tracking without requiring the team to spend any time or money on setup”.

Drift now has a single source of truth they could use for attribution reporting and leveraging insights to better understand their customers. Overall, allowing them to build even better audiences and marketing campaigns. They also overcame the common problems of double tracking, ad blockers like iOS 17, and missed tracked conversions and revenue data.

Integrating Recharge

The next step for the Drift team had server-side tracking that gave them accurate reporting of their Recharge orders—out of the box.

With Littledata’s out-of-the box connection to Recharge their team was now able to parse through their data to have end-to-end data in Google Analytics for tracking the subscriber journey. This includes the ability to segment performance in Google Analytics by payment source, subscription plan type, and product category.

Accurate Attribution for Ads

We agree with Ryan when he says:

Marketing’s gotten a lot harder…you need to know deep down how your business is functioning..to improve things like customer experience”.

One way in which Ryan’s team was able to leverage first-party data was by utilizing accurate attribution for how their Google Ad sets were doing from the first touch point all the way through the checkout—onwards to subscriptions. This gave Drift more control over their spend, updating creative, and driving results vs. spending the time on troubleshooting and data maintenance. Ultimately making them more customer-centric and focused day to day.


Drift was one of the first brands I met IRL using Littledata and they continue to make the world a fresher place to live. Their attention to detail and customers is only outmatched by their passion for their products and customer service. 

Using Littledata brought their creativity to the next level by having the ability to leverage accurate customer behavior and subscription data. Complimenting and optimizing their existing marketing strategies.

Empowering their team to zone in on the acquisition of new customers. Avoiding wasted ad dollars and spend retargeting customers who are already subscribers or just purchased. By adding a data layer that offered both client-side and server-side tracking Drift now has more visibility to their ecommerce business analytics and their customers. 

Littledata’s implementation of server-side tracking has resulted in a significant improvement in revenue data captured for Drift, averaging a 9% increase. This enhancement translates into a substantial financial impact, particularly for a brand of Drift’s scale, reaching into the six-figure range.

Tip: You can use our LAR calculator to see what revenue you may be missing

Leveraging this more precise conversion data, Drift is now better equipped to identify and target potential new customers, as well as to construct more accurately defined audience segments.

To stay in the loop with Littledata you can follow Littledata News on LinkedIn or to see what is happening with Drift check out Drift TV.

About Littledata Assisted Revenue: 

The revenue that would otherwise be missed via native tracking. Our server-side tracking built for ecommerce captures the complete customer journey including revenue from purchases, add to cart, offline, etc. You can learn more about LAR and see how much revenue data  you could be missing by visiting: https://www.littledata.io/assisted-revenue

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