How Red Land Cotton Increased Abandoned Cart Revenue by 27% with Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration

How Red Land Cotton Increased Abandoned Cart Revenue by 27% with Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration


Red Land Cotton has created American bed sheets, bath towels, and other home linens since 2015. However, Red Land Cotton faced challenges with high abandoned cart rates limiting their revenue potential.

After partnering with Prismfly, and integrating Littledata’s Klaviyo solution, Red Land Cotton were able to enhance identity resolution and boost their Klaviyo Attributed Value (KAV) from email marketing. Littledata tracked  40% more users with purchase intent, which led to a 27% lift in monthly revenue from abandoned cart flows. 

Why should you run an abandoned cart flows? 

Emails focused on the products that customers have shown interest in by adding to their carts but not purchasing, tap into a potent source of potential revenue. The effectiveness of abandoned cart emails lies in the rich data available about a user’s purchase intent, combined with the direct means to engage with them, such as through email or SMS. This dual advantage facilitates conversion, making abandoned cart recovery one of the most efficient tactics in email marketing automation for boosting sales.

This strategy is particularly valuable for targeting users who have initiated engagement with a brand but did not complete a purchase. It allows marketers to reconnect with these potential customers with greater precision than general marketing campaigns.

Abandoned cart flows are not just about recapturing lost sales; they play a critical role in maintaining customer engagement. For customers who have completed a purchase and moved beyond the post-purchase engagement phase, adding items to a cart and abandoning them can serve as a trigger to re-enter the brand’s engagement flow. This provides a targeted way to communicate with customers, based on the rich data collected from their interactions, leading to increased opportunities for conversion.

How did Red Land Cotton optimize abandoned cart emails? 

To enhance revenue from abandoned cart flows, DTC brands like Red Land Cotton  have two options:

  1. Expanding the audience for the flow
  2. Personalizing communication about the items left in the cart

Littledata’s Klaviyo integration helps with both aspects.

Red Land Cotton couldn’t get more users in total without spending more on other marketing channels, but Littledata’s server-side identity resolution better links opted-in customer profiles to pre-checkout events (including Added to Cart). This is how Red Land Cotton got a 40% increase in audience size for the same flows without changing marketing spend, or by adding any further email addresses to their list.

The challenge of personalization is to effectively communicate the value of the exact product that was abandoned. Many flows are limited to a generic message that merely highlights the forgotten item, without convincing the customer of its value.

Before using Littledata, Red Land Cotton was not able to get reliable information about which product category had been abandoned. With Littledata’s Klaviyo integration, they can now use trigger splits by category and change hero images in the abandoned cart emails according to the customer’s interests. Red Land Cotton then uses testimonials from that product category to add more value propositions and show more social proof about the item in the cart.

The Solution

Littledata’s Klayivo connection powers better-performing email and SMS flows for Shopify stores. The integration works automatically for any site on Shopify or Shopify Plus and is the first privacy-compliant solution for building bigger audiences from browsing behavior and checkout steps.

Littledata triggers an Added to Cart event directly from updates on Shopify’s servers, every time we can identify a user on your email list who is adding to cart.

Littledata’s Added to Cart event is backwards compatible with either Klaviyo’s Added to Cart or Checkout Started events. This means you don’t need to edit any dynamic fields in your email templates.

For example, you can build an email template with all the products in the user’s cart at the time of the event.

We recommend you use this trigger in a duplicate flow, side-by-side with your existing abandoned cart flows, so you can see how much extra revenue this duplicate flow is generating. See how to set up those flows in Klaviyo.

About Littledata 

Littledata makes it ridiculously easy for DTC brands to connect marketing channels with customer data to accelerate growth. Littledata was named “Ecommerce Analytics Leader” by G2 for Winter 2023. 

Littledata connects Shopify customer data with the most popular marketing channels: Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

About Prismfly

Prismfly is a recognized and award-winning leader in creating conversion-optimized ecommerce experiences. Your one-stop for best-in-class conversion rate optimization, UX / UI design, full-stack development, and lifecycle marketing.

About Klaviyo 

Klaviyo (CLAY-vee-oh) powers smarter digital relationships, making it easy for businesses to capture, store, analyze, and predictively use their data to drive measurable, high-value outcomes. Innovative businesses like Good American, TaylorMade, Skims, Stanley 1913, and more than 143,000 other paying customers leverage Klaviyo to acquire, engage, and retain customers—and grow on their terms. 

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